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  1. Good. But not everything is sunshine and lollipops. Last year was an example of it. Just barely .500 and had to win the last 5 games against a bunch of scrubs on expanded rosters. Our starting pitching was awful last year. We let one of our best starting pitchers walk and replaced him with a slop throwing (possibly injured) Gallardo. Our impact starting pitching depth? Dylan Bundy (reliever in the bullpen) and Hunter Harvey (hurt, yet again).

    Not quite. The had to win the last 3 against a Yankees team fighting for their playoff lives. Who said Gallardo was possibly hurt and who cares if Bundy is in the pen. If I remember correctly Jim Palmer started out in the pen too.

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  2. Same as it has been since the beginning: 0%

    which is a good thing because Davis will underperform his new contract by a large margin.

    Can't believe people are just ignoring that the guy hit .196 in 2014 and is and Aderall/Nocotine addict.

    I can understand if you want to use stats as a reason for not signing Davis that's fine. But falsely accusing the man of being an addict without any knowledge is just wrong.

  3. It has?

    Can I get a link please?

    I've seen speculation here on the OH to that effect but nothing from a credible source.

    It wasn't reported, It was Jim Duquette on XM yesterday referencing how it was when he was GM of the Orioles. He basically said if money was allocated for a player that that money wouldn't have been used elsewhere. So he was speculating that DD was under the same constraints.

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  4. Three of our five starters have pitched well. Tillman and Norris have been getting smashed. I fully expect Tillman to get on track and Norris will be replaced if he can't.

    The bullpen is what concerns me. Don't have confidence in anyone other than Britton and O'Day. I think the bullpen needs an overhaul and sooner rather than later. I think replacing Garcia and Matusz with some combination of Wright/S. Johnson/Drake could do wonders.

    When the starters start going deeper in games, the bullpen will get better. Until that happens it doesn't matter who you have in the pen.

  5. They were on the field and open in "crunch time."

    I think that it's real unfair to call Flacco an idiot for hitting open receivers with less than 30 seconds left.

    The "idiot" actually played a pretty nice game in my opinion.

    That "idiot" was 19 of 31 for 225 yds, 2TD and 1 RU TD with a QBR of 104.9. A very good game for Flacco. The offense put up 33pts and yet you have posters wanting to put some of the blame on Flacco. Ridiculous.

  6. This guy kept smiling every time he was on base. Like his stealing is automatic. The announcers never commented about this. Just keep throwing him out and he can smile all he wants. We are a better team just not built for speed at the moment. Berry should have been on this roster for this series. We have to score anyway possible and we need more speed in the lineup. Some of our hitters were pressing in these two games. Trying to please the fans and trying to help us win. Not a bad thing but we still have hitters swinging at balls. I hope the umps start calling pitches better in KC. Say what you want, they didn't do us any favors in these two games behind the plate. Even the announcers were commenting on many missed calls behind the plate. They got ball fours on strikes and we were called out on similar pitches. Check the replays. Has Davis added another pitch? He wasn't this good in Tampa and when he first arrived in KC. Someone said their hitters are cheating. Stealing pitches? Toronto bats? None of their HR's have been cheap. What's going on? Suddenly they are smoking the ball. Do our scouts have an answer for Cain? Why was Pearce so far off of first yesterday on the double down the line? He hit it right where the 1B is normally standing. If Escobar? had bunted down 1st and the pitcher had fielded it there wouldn't have been anybody close enough to cover first to take the throw. There are other plays that happened in these two games that were beneficial to KC due to the positioning of our infielders or outfielders. Guard the lines....guard the lines!

    I thought the samething too about Pearce being so far off the line but then the announcers said Schoop was so close to the bag at second holding Gore close that Pearce had to fill the hole closer to second.

  7. It's Derek Jeter. HOFer. Having a bad year, but still...Derek Jeter. You have multiple, good lefties in your bullpen, a runner in scoring position, and an open base with (.233 hitting) Brian McCann to follow. Jeter's slow, McCann's slower. Do you really, truly believe that Jeter wouldn't have been walked if this hadn't been his last year?

    The same Brian McCann that's hitting .292 with 8 hrs and a .892 ops against lefties? Cause if Buck would have walked Jeter and McCann gets the game winner I'm sure you would be blowing a gasket over that decision as well.

  8. Yeah, they needed rest for our playoff game NEXT THURSDAY. :rolleyes:

    I'm not rolling my eyes at you. I'm rolling my eyes at the debacle I watched tonight. Totally deflating. Hopefully this passes before the ALDS starts. Nothing burns me more than throwing away games, and to throw away a game purposefully against JETER and the YANKEES burns me 100x more.

    Does anyone on earth think Girardi would have managed it like Showalter if the roles were reversed?[/QUOTE]

    No because Giradri doesn't have the class that Buck Showalter does.

  9. No I was born in Maryland and only root for Baltimore or Maryland based teams.

    I just don't see how Detroit has "fell apart" when IMO they are going to win their division just as predicted and again be the heavy favorite to make the World Series. They seem to be peaking at the perfect time similar to how the Raven looked bad earlier in the season in 2012 until changing their OC and getting Ray Lewis back.

    Really? The last 20 games Detroit is 12-8, the Orioles are 15-5. So while, as you say, the Tigers are peaking, the Orioles, pulled 3 games further away. Lets go back to the All-Star break. Detroit is 33-30, Baltimore, 41-19. And lets go back even further. That sweep you keep referring to, since then, Detroit is 62-56, Baltimore, 73, that's right, seventy-three and 43. Detroit is good but a very very beatable team.

  10. o


    2 weeks late, and the dominance continues.

    This team REALLY HAS manhandled the division, ala the 1979 team.

    If you put Detroit in the division like they were in 1979 the O's would only have a 6 game lead. Throw in the Indians and Brewers and a more balanced schedule, I'm sure it gets tighter. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they are up 11 games in the division its jmo that you can't compare the 2.

  11. Speaking of suspicious timing. They adjust the rule right before the Yankees come to town...."Speaking of home, did anyone notice how Major League Baseball decided this week to adjust Rule 7.13 for catchers blocking the plate? It's no longer legal to straddle it, as the Orioles have been doing since spring training.

    Oh really? Now it's not allowed?

    That method was fine until the final month of the regular season. Joseph, Matt Wieters and Nick Hundley left a clear path for the runner, as required by the rule, but they did so without being stationed beside the plate and having to make a sweeping tag.

    Showalter and bench coach John Russell figured out a way to abide by the rule without putting their catchers at a greater disadvantage. It was inspired and I'm surprised other teams didn't copy it. But there must have been complaints, which reached Joe Torre, the executive vice president for baseball operations.

    I'm told that the word "straddle" actually appears in the memo sent to clubs on Tuesday.

    Care to guess who complained the loudest?"...http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2014/09/this-that-and-the-other-68.html

  12. It's quite simple. If you keep winning series that is at least a .667 winning percentage. Name a single team in the majors with a win percentage that is that good. If the Jays can achieve that, then they deserve the division. But I can about 100% guarantee they won't. In fact, their July win % which you seem so concerned about, is .576; not even close to that pace.

    Want to guess what the O's win % was for this month? ::Hint:: It's greater than .667

    I never implied that at all.

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