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  1. Not only is it good for TV its good for the economy of Baltimore. Keep pieing away AJ.
  2. 32-20 is why they sit atop the AL east, not the 12-3-1 in series. You can change the series record to be better or worse and the Orioles could still be 32-20 over that stretch.
  3. You bashing the NFL for the 2 game suspension based on what you think you know. Saying the police report said RR punched his fianc?e in the face when it clearly didn'tand also from one of your posts.."Well the police seemed to think he "decked" her" really? Where did that come from? You also have .JDubs saying RR punched his girlfriend till she was unconscious, and also saying that .."He, arguably, has benefited from lesser scrutiny from our legal system due to his celebrity." All speculation. Again, I'm not defending the guy. But you can't say he punched, kicked, decked, or did whatever to his wife. And we can't say she spit, kicked, or punched him.
  4. I am not defending RR. I never said he didn't hit her. All we know is that she hit him, he hit her rendering her unconscious. And then we see a video of him dragging her out of the elevator. That's it. Anything other than that is pure speculation.
  5. I couldn't care less that they took the "series" from LAA. They lost the game and at the end of the day today's loss cost them in the standings.
  6. No more ridiculous than you speculating about what happened that night.
  7. And they are also the only ones know what happened that night.
  8. I'm not sure on the details but he did sign a 4 yr/ 36M contract in 2012 but baseball reference has him becoming a free agent in 2018.
  9. Without knowing all the facts you cannot say whether 2 games is enough or not. Again, pot use is in the CBA. Comparing it to RR situation is trying to compare apples to oranges.
  10. We are comparing the rules now, not what they would or could be in the future.
  11. You can't compare the two punishments. The dug policy is part of the CBA, and domestic violence is not. The NFL has seen all the evidence and based on that they decided that a 2 game suspension and 3 game day checks were enough punishment. Get over it, and move on.
  12. Tillman, Jones, Hunter, Davis, Hardy, and Buck Showalter all say hi.
  13. That's in the majors and minors. It's 538 career major league AB's. I guess I should have clarified that for you. But you keep "cherry picking" how poorly he's done in those 538 AB's and ignore the fact that his career minor league OBP .345 and OPS of .809. Like I said, 538 major league AB's are not enough to say whether he's an everyday major league player or not.
  14. Only 538 career AB's, we don't know what he is .
  15. Rain delay was only 21 min. long. It's no different than if the Orioles had batted around in the 7th. I don't have a problem trying to extend Hunter and saving the bullpen in case Norris would have struggled on Saturday.
  16. Depending on what Ubaldo does tonight will determine where Gonzo ends up. If Ubaldo only goes 2 innings and Buck has to use Stinson and McFarland for any length, then Gonzo will be in the pen to back up Tillman on Sunday with Stinson going back to the minors.
  17. I don't need to look for an A's message board, I'm fine right here. Maybe you need to take the orange colored glasses off and realize that what Manny did was a punk move.
  18. What Manny did was cowardly, pain and simple. And you know why he didn't charge the mound? Cause he'd have gotten his [email protected] beat, bad.
  19. Guess Mr. Thorne was correct, Yankees are 31-30, Orioles 31-29. The standings graphic on the broadcast might not have been updated when he made the comment.
  20. Dannyboy

    Nats announcers

    FP isn't too bad when he's not with Carpenter. Hunter, IMO, is really good on the radio but TV he's just too over the top. Bob Carpenter just sucks. His dramatic pauses, calling curves a "front door" braking ball, to the fact that he has to tell you the MPH of almost every pitch is just too much bad announcing for me to even watch their games for more than an inning.
  21. They were? With Chris Davis on the DL and a one armed Wieters, the Orioles were not at full force and haven't been all year.
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