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  1. I actually agree with this, to an extent.

    You all know that I am the king of the "One game at a time" philosophy, so I am upset with the latest loss ...... regardless of the fact that we won the overall series.

    However ...... in hindsight, I think that it's a good thing that the Orioles took the series, and that they have gone 12-3-1 over their last 16 series.

    That's (obviously) a very big reason why the Orioles are currently sitting in first place in the division, as they have gone 32-20 in those 16 series ...... that's a .615 winning percentage over almost 1/3 of the season (52 games.)

    32-20 is why they sit atop the AL east, not the 12-3-1 in series. You can change the series record to be better or worse and the Orioles could still be 32-20 over that stretch.

  2. What else is being speculated?

    You bashing the NFL for the 2 game suspension based on what you think you know. Saying the police report said RR punched his fianc?e in the face when it clearly didn'tand also from one of your posts.."Well the police seemed to think he "decked" her" really? Where did that come from? You also have .JDubs saying RR punched his girlfriend till she was unconscious, and also saying that .."He, arguably, has benefited from lesser scrutiny from our legal system due to his celebrity." All speculation. Again, I'm not defending the guy. But you can't say he punched, kicked, decked, or did whatever to his wife. And we can't say she spit, kicked, or punched him.

  3. My comments reflect that I only agree with this sentiment in the sense that we haven't seen the elevator video; however, his comments are clear. To ignore that reflects your bias. I don't hold it against you because I understand being a fan, but you're biased. I'm sure I'll take a beating from other biased posters, but I'll live.

    I've also been fair to Ray. I'd love to see him rebuild his reputation. But to ignore the facts is to be willfully ignorant. He punched his wife until she was unconscious and then treated her passed out body with disregard. None of this is up for debate. It's in video, in part, and confirmed by his admissions, in fact.

    I'm rooting for him to become a better person than he was in the elevator. I THINK he is a better person than he was in the elevator.

    But let's stop pretending the unbridled denial of him in this thread is anything other than blind fandom. Even he has publicly stated that he was wrong. And we all learned growing up that you don't hit others. You certain not don't knock them unconscious.

    He traded millions for the publicity of his bad behavior. He, arguably, has benefited from lesser scrutiny from our legal system due to his celebrity. Also, no matter the publicity, certain things are objectively wrong. Knocking your SO unconscious in an elevator falls in that category without exception. Sorry, I'm happily married and their is no excuse. Any scenario which comes close just makes Jenay wrong too. It doesn't excuse Ray...but it feels like hero worship and victim blaming to me. Credit to Ray for putting an end to that in his press conference.

    The scenarios in this thread that excuse his behavior are not only unrealistic, they reflect the character of those that are presenting them. This is not a male-female issue. This is a human-human issue. Violence is never acceptable. Ray has convinced me that he has grown to understand that; however, this thread has convinced me that he wasn't the only one who needed to learn that lesson.

    I guess I don't agree with what your trying to say.

    I am not defending RR. I never said he didn't hit her. All we know is that she hit him, he hit her rendering her unconscious. And then we see a video of him dragging her out of the elevator. That's it. Anything other than that is pure speculation.

  4. Oh good lord. So Rice could exhonnerate himself by telling this outlandish story, but instead chooses to let people think he beat his wife? You guys are being a bit ridiculous. The guy admitted it...what the hell was he apologizing for?

    No more ridiculous than you speculating about what happened that night.

  5. Come on man. If this happened he would have surely said it happened. We know it didn't happen that way because he nor his lawyers have offered any other explanation. If there was any other plausible explanation for knocking your fiancee out, you would put it out there right? I know I would, rather than having people think I slugged a defenseless woman in the head, knocking her out.

    No we don't.

  6. Of course there are degrees. There are degrees of everything, including wrongness. I don't care if they were both wrong or who is more wrong. The fact remains that they are both wrong if they were both engaging in domestic violence. The degree of such is between them, the law, and their god.

    It appears that Ray is going to have an opportunity to show the world that he is a reputable person who made a mistake. That is an opportunity that is not often afforded to the general public. That said, I'm glad he is doing what he needs to do.

    And they are also the only ones know what happened that night.

  7. Again, that's the point. If you don't see any issue with the NFL handing out meaningless suspensions for people that beat their girlfriends/wives, while banning players for the season for pot use, then why would the NFL ever see fit to change their stance?

    Without knowing all the facts you cannot say whether 2 games is enough or not. Again, pot use is in the CBA. Comparing it to RR situation is trying to compare apples to oranges.

  8. Yes because the CBA is forever set in stone and can't be changed once it expires so why bother discussing things that could/should be changed?

    And it absolutely doesn't matter that his wife forgives him. Not at all.

    And who says Goodell saw all of the evidence? Do we know he saw the video of what happened in the elevator?

    We are comparing the rules now, not what they would or could be in the future.

  9. This discussion isn't about letting it go. This discussion is about whether or not the NFL handed down enough of a punishment, especially in comparison to victim-less crimes like recreational pot use.

    You can't compare the two punishments. The dug policy is part of the CBA, and domestic violence is not. The NFL has seen all the evidence and based on that they decided that a 2 game suspension and 3 game day checks were enough punishment. Get over it, and move on.

  10. It's 2295 AB. He's 27.

    That's in the majors and minors. It's 538 career major league AB's. I guess I should have clarified that for you. But you keep "cherry picking" how poorly he's done in those 538 AB's and ignore the fact that his career minor league OBP .345 and OPS of .809. Like I said, 538 major league AB's are not enough to say whether he's an everyday major league player or not.

  11. Is there some class in cherry picking stats you Flaherty supporters take?

    His OPS is down from last year, his OPS+ is flat from last year, his defense is down from last year.

    He's a utility guy.

    Only 538 career AB's, we don't know what he is .

  12. I'm sorry, I still disagree with the decision to bring a player just back from the dl, who has struggled all season long, back on for a second inning after a fairly significant rain delay.

    I may be a no nothing message board couch potato, but that was a bad decision. Period. Regardless of the poor offense.

    Rain delay was only 21 min. long. It's no different than if the Orioles had batted around in the 7th. I don't have a problem trying to extend Hunter and saving the bullpen in case Norris would have struggled on Saturday.

  13. And you know this how? I think what your looking for is the A's message board.

    I don't need to look for an A's message board, I'm fine right here. Maybe you need to take the orange colored glasses off and realize that what Manny did was a punk move.

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  14. I tell you what, some of you need to toss away your Oriole garb and grab an Oakland A's cap and jersey. Manny didn't hit anyone with the bat, and the SOB of a pitcher for Oakland was throwing at his knee trying to permanently end his career. If I had been Manny I would have charged the mound and punched that punk right in the face. So I thought what Manny did was mild.

    What Manny did was cowardly, pain and simple. And you know why he didn't charge the mound? Cause he'd have gotten his [email protected] beat, bad.

  15. Anybody hear ole Gary state if the Orioles win the game tonight they will move ahead of the Yankees, while the graphic clearly showed the Yankees are 31-29 and the Orioles 30-29, so if the O's win they don't move ahead of them at all, they are tied!

    This is the kind of absurd errors he makes that keeps him from being a top echelon announcer. HOFER he will never be, and this is why.

    Guess Mr. Thorne was correct, Yankees are 31-30, Orioles 31-29. The standings graphic on the broadcast might not have been updated when he made the comment.

  16. Wow, this is the first time i have sat down and watched a Nats game on TV.

    Their announcers are complete buffoons and idiots. I've watched 2 innings and I can't take any more of these guys.

    I make fun of Hunter's homerism and Thorn's pronounciation issues, but man, these guys are so terrible.

    FP isn't too bad when he's not with Carpenter. Hunter, IMO, is really good on the radio but TV he's just too over the top. Bob Carpenter just sucks. His dramatic pauses, calling curves a "front door" braking ball, to the fact that he has to tell you the MPH of almost every pitch is just too much bad announcing for me to even watch their games for more than an inning.

  17. 17-9 since starting the season 2-5. With all the injuries, inconsistent offense, and starters that can't go deep in games, I'm being cautiously optimistic about how good this team will be once they get it all together.

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