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  1. I understand that with the pine tar on Pineda's hand being so blatantly obvious that someone had to say something. But I don't think it's anymore obvious than the spot on the bill of Kimbrel, Balfour, or Valverde's hats, just to name a few.

  2. Oh you're trying to play a cute little semantics game...I see. Great you win...it's a summons, detailing what the cops will put in their report, telling Rice to come to court. Jeez you're a child.

    No, no it's not. "A summons shall be made on a Complaint-Summons (CDR-1) form, a Uniform Traffic Ticket, or a Special Form of Complaint and Summons. The summons shall be directed to the person named in the complaint, requiring that person to appear before the court in which the complaint is made at a stated time and place and shall inform the person that an arrest warrant will be issued for failure to appear. The summons shall be signed by the judicial or law enforcement officer issuing it. An electronic entry of the signature of the law enforcement officer shall be equivalent to and have the same force and effect as an original signature."http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/rules/r3-2.htm

  3. It's kind of funny the lengths some are going to to defend the guy. They're redefining words...first dragging, now hearsay. Look I hope the guy is somehow innocent...I would welcome that. But at this point it would certainly appear that he was up to no good.

    For the people trying to defend Rice, what is your opinion on Aaron Hernandez?

    If the cops say they have a video, it will be shown in court. Hearsay would be one person saying that another person told them that THEY saw Rice hit the fiancee.

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    No different than you re-writing the police report. Your quote "The police report says he committed

    "assault by attempting to cause bodily injury to J. Palmer, specifically by striking her with his hand, rendering her unconscious". ". That's not in the report. As far as defending him, show me a quote where I did that.

  4. Ozzie Newsome was just interviewed briefly at the Combine and was asked if he saw the whole video of Ray striking his fianc?. He said yes.....and it didn't look good. He said he still hasn't talked to Ray. Interesting!

    He only saw the TMZ video. "Newsome acknowledged he watched the TMZ video online and that it "doesn't look good."..http://www.wbal.com/article/105626/2/newsome-concerned-but-will-stand-down-on-ray-rice-discipline He hasn't seen the whole video, "I did, online, just like everybody else did and it doesn't look good," Newsome said. "But I'm going to reserve all of my comments up until I have a chance to talk to Ray. But what I've gotten ... the whole video needs to be reviewed."http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/gm-ray-rice-arrest/story?id=22631926.

  5. Lol. Of course they have video. There are cameras in every casino and hotel elevator in AC. I find it hilarious that because you haven't seen the video, it means nothing. News flash, you probably won't see the video, as only the people who matter (if it goes to a trial) will see it. Just because you can't see the video doesn't make it fake. That's like a 10 year old covering his ears screaming NA NA NA really loud to try avoid the truth being told to them.

    If he punched her, they know it. They saw exactly what happened in that elevator and that is why they were both arrested. Now, he'll likely buy her a huge diamond and say baby I'm sorry and she'll try and make it go away. We'll just have to wait and see how they proceed. They weren't arrested for no reason. Book it.

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    News flash, I never said the video was fake or that it never existed and I never said the weren't arrested for no reason. Like you, I'm taking the wait and see approach until all the facts are presented.

  6. What? So if you don't see the video it doesn't count as evidence? Does it even exist? How ridiculous...

    I didn't say the video didn't exist. Unlike you I'm not going to judge somebody on hearsay, that is what is ridiculous. I will wait to reserve my judgment until all the facts are presented.

  7. You know what I mean by "lifeless". I don't mean she's dead, just that she's not moving. Passed out drunk people, still show signs of life when someone disturbs them or you know...drags them from an elevator. People that are knocked out cold, don't. I don't think anyone is coming to any conclusions or convicting the guy, but when you look at the evidence so far...he doesn't look great. The police report says he committed

    "assault by attempting to cause bodily injury to J. Palmer, specifically by striking her with his hand, rendering her unconscious". Why do you guys think it says that?

    People are also ignoring the reports that police have, in their possession, video of him hitting and knocking her unconscious.[/QUOTE]

    As well they should.

  8. I get reserving judgement but it's hard to do when you see how callous he is in the video. He drags his fiancee's lifeless body out of an elevator. He doesn't get her all the way out and then uses his feet to push her further. So when we're reserving judgement, we have to think of some other explanation for what was seen on video. I have a hard time coming up with any reason why this guy would be on an elevator with his fiancee, where she would suddenly become unconscious and he drags her out. I would love it for him to somehow be innocent and I'm not even a Ravens fan...I just don't see it happening.

    If her body was so "lifeless" as you say, why didn't the security guard call a paramedic instead of calling the police? Also just because she was unconscious in the elevator doesn't mean RR knocked her out. I'll wait and see all the evidence before coming to a conclusion.

  9. And then there's the union. No way they let that happen.

    Why not? Like I said, the contract could be negotiated so that the player would get his money. Everyone is happy, the O's get their pitcher and keep the pick, the player gets his money, the agent get his cut and the players union gets a new member and more union dues. Only one that wouldn't be happy is Bud Selig, and as far as I'm concerned, he can pound sand.

  10. LOL I know it's so much better using 14 starting pitchers every year.

    You're right. Let the O's give 14+ mil. a yr. to 2 guys that had good years in their walk years and totally disregard what they did the previous 3-4 years. But then we wouldn't have to see you start 14 threads a week about how the O's didn't spend this off season and what a pathetic organization they are. So there is some upside. And one more thing so you understand, I'm not saying don't sign these guys, just don't do it at 14M a year.

  11. DD says that we are not going to sign a LOT of premium FA talent, but no one here is requesting that. People here just want the Os to spend to their appropriate local TV rights fees (which would be $20+M) and the new MLB national TV deal (which would be $25M in new funds in 2014). There is plenty of room there to sign two top free agents and leave $ for the owner's profit as well.

    Who do you want? Of the top free agents that have signed so far, who should the O's have gotten? I'm not saying they shouldn't spend money. But they need to do it wisely.

  12. You mean the ones that have led to the best two seasons the Orioles have had in the past fifteen years? You're not exactly helping your argument here.

    Don't you get it. The team that wins the offseason, is automatically crowned champions. I don't even know why they play the games.....strictly sarcasm btw.

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