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  1. Brewers Say Deal With Garza Is Not Complete

    By Steve Adams [January 23 at 6:13pm CST]

    Despite previous reports that the two sides have agreed to a four-year, $52MM contract, the Brewers announced (on Twitter) that there's no agreement in place with free agent right-hander Matt Garza. Talks are ongoing with the CAA client, according to the team's tweet. Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel notes that he has never seen the Brewers issue this type of statement and wonders if there was an issue in Garza's physical (Twitter links). Assistant GM Gord Ash would not comment to MLB.com's Adam McCalvy as to whether or not there was an issue with Garza's physical (Twitter link).

  2. I question the age of the position players a lot more then the bullpen.

    Good point. And if you go down the lineup position by position, I'd bet the O's have a slight advantage right now, and by the end of the year it will prove to be a big advantage.

  3. So they'll win 850 games? ;)

    I think it's a mixed bag, for reasons I said earlier. They could improve their run differential substantially and still not improve their record.

    I agree. Even with Tanaka, that starting rotation is full of question marks and they have no proven closer for the first time in 18yrs.

  4. The article says it all. The ownership is killing their fan base. My dad first got season tickets for my family in 1967. For the first time in 46 years someone in my family will not have season tickets. My brother and I have decided to not renew our tickets. We had a two year window to be champions once again. Mr. Angelos and his greedy sons chose not to spend the money to put us over the hump. Some of the apologists on this board will talk about "having a winning team." I want to compete for a championship. Angelos does not. It pains me to give up my tickets, but this off season has proven to me Mr. Angelos doesn't care about his fan base.

    Which free agent that has signed would you have liked them to waste money on?

  5. You really feel like there is a better internal than Shanny that they already interviewed?

    No I don't. I just feel that this is the direction Harbaugh wants to go. The whole Castillo thing really stinks. He's a one trick pony and his only trick is a zone blocking scheme. And we see how well that worked this year. I don't think an OC is going to come here knowing he has to cater his offense to the OL coordinators scheme. I hope I'm wrong, I really do, but my gut and what I've heard so far says otherwise.

  6. Castillo has never been an OC and didn't exactly excel at his role last year. I would personally be surprised if he was the choice.

    Castillo was never a DC above the high school level either but that didn't stop Andy Reid from making him one in Philly. I really hope it doesn't happen, but like I said, I also wouldn't be surprised if it does.

  7. But, what does Harbaugh feel about this? :)

    Harbaugh likes to surround himself with people he's comfortable with . I don't think Harbs wants to hire Turner for the fact that he'd be constantly looking over his shoulder. Now, if Bisciotti "suggests" that they hire Turner, then it really doesn't matter how Harbaugh feels.

  8. Steve a college video says nothing...I can show you much spectacular video of Danny Wuerffel or Tim Tebow. Heck Tebow would actually be a better back up for this team than Taylor.

    Apparently the Ravens and the other 31 NFL teams disagree with you.

  9. Okay your right on the INT ...But what happen in the Patriots game, Did he miss the snap all together? All I know is he really looked bad. I would take Henne, Freeman, McCown, Weeden and especially Campbell over Taylor any day of the week. If the Ravens are going to waste a spot and $560,000 on Taylor why carry a back up QB at all?

    Gradkowski was charged with the fumble. The only QB on your list I might consider would be McCown, and thats only because he's making 580k. He may also retire, and if he doesn't I can't see the Bears letting him go considering he did a pretty go job when Cutler was out. Josh Freeman is garbage and I don't want him or his attitude anywhere near this team. And the rest are going to cost at least $1M+. So, If the Ravens want to go out and draft a backup in the later rounds, that's ok. But, for 560k TT is just fine.

  10. ]What happened to Caldwell?[/b] The offense was rolling under him during the postseason last year. I don't think he got dumber between the Super Bowl and this season. I know that coaches and system can have a huge impact on the results on the field but how much blame has to be laid at the players' feet' date=' particularly the offensive line?

    The offensive line was arguably the biggest impetus for the run to the Lombardi last year and they were literally the opposite end of the spectrum this year. The unbelievable abject failure of the offensive line is the single biggest reason why the offense (and the team as a whole) had a down year. The impact of winning the battle in the trenches cannot be overstated. Basically everything that could've went wrong did go wrong; so much so that the Ravens made their first ever in season trade. And for arguably the 2nd most important player on offense, a left tackle. I never in a million years would have predicted the total meltdown at every spot on the line.

    Bringing it back to Caldwell, he did things last year that I really liked; the biggest being mixing up play calling by using different formations and personnel packages. In other words, it's not always about when or where you call a specific play but how and what that play call looks like to the defense with respect to tendencies and what they've seen on film. Besides protecting well last year down the stretch, we were able to break tendency enough, as well as give Joe enough latitude to get out of a bad play if need be. The results spoke for themselves.

    As it relates to the other thread about about the Patriots knowing what we were running; either we got really predictable again or players were tipping the plays somehow...OLinemen taking a certain stance on a run play vs a pass play, a WR setting up a certain way, etc.

    Maybe some new blood on the offensive coaching staff is needed but whether Caldwell comes back or not, the players need to play better. The OLine needs to remember how to be physical, Ray Rice needs to get back in shape, Joe needs to stop trying to be a hero, Torrey needs to stop disappearing in games and guys need to catch the damn ball. All of those things can improve the offense dramatically, regardless of who the OC is.[/quote']

    John Harbaugh, Jaun Castillo and Ozzie Newsome...that's what happened to Caldwell this year.

  11. Not about that at all...you don't have integrity. You claimed you knew that playoff scenario and just played along to bait me to get your kicks. If true that would make you a troll by the board standards. Now you are just a liar and it's really pointless to have a conversation with you.

    A friend of mine that usually seems to know told me the scenario and I assumed he was right. I was wrong and admitted so when I was shown the correct info.

    At of the day the Ravens didn't make the playoffs and clearly were a team on a down year. The Steelers didn't make it either and fate rewarded Tomlin for his dishonesty with a ticket home. IMO the Rooney's should send him packing ..... I don't have to like the Steelers to admit they are a well run team with good ownership. I think if you went to the Steeler boards you'd find that the fans don't like Tomlin either and many say he won the Super Bowl with Cowher's team.

    I never claimed I knew that scenario. That was your assumption so if you would, please find where I did. You want to question my integrity yet you write a post not knowing whether it was fact or fiction. Then when someone gives you other reasons, in the false scenario, the ravens didn't make the playoffs, you want no parts of it. Instead, you wrongly label me a steelers fan, troll, and claim that I "baited" you. When in all honesty, YOU were the one that started the debate. Then, when you did finally realize you were wrong it was" I was mistaken" and now in this post its" my friend told me the wrong scenario" really dude? You want to question my integrity? Now that being said, given your Hall of Fame status and your 12K plus posts I honestly felt you had the playoff scenario right and felt there was no need to double check. Trolling was not my intent, sorry you feel that way. I felt we were having a spirited conversation as to why the ravens didn't make the playoffs under the points scenario. Guess I was wrong.

  12. You went along with it :rolleyes:

    Yes. I was under the impression that there was some substance for you whinning about the possibility of the ravens not getting in based on points and continued to debate the issue. Should have done my homework.

  13. Quite the argument going on in this thread. While I agree that the Tomlin thing was despicable, the bottom line is that had we beaten clearly lesser teams in Buffalo and/or Cleveland, we'd be playing in Cincinnati this weekend! We won the Steeler game and thus is has nothing to do with why we didn't make the playoffs.

    Had they beaten Cleveland and Buffalo, it's quite possible they'd be hosting a playoff game.

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  14. You don't want to understand that the difference between a missed field goal and a referee not enforcing a rule. That has been my position all along.... Point in Fact, if Harbaugh had done what Tomlin did I would be calling for him to be fired.

    I was mistaken about the tie breaker....but you are arguing hatred and missed points as well so don't try to pretend you knew. Further I believe you to be a Steeler fan and I could also be mistaken about that but I doubt it. Your at very least a troll!I have admitted that I had the tie breaker wrong. Can you be a man and admit your mistake as well?

    Like I stated earlier, Not a steelers fan. Also not a troll. I said in brvn52's post that you were wrong and I went along with you thinking you knew what you were talking about. That was my mistake. Had the points tie breaker been a factor you would much rather blame the refs/ steelers instead putting the blame were it would belong, on the ravens. I don't blame refs, I don't blame other teams coaches. If the ravens had done what they should have done, than those outside factors, are a non factor. And one final thing, on my end anyway, had it come down to points, the ravens, coaches, front office, players, the talking head radio and tv personalities wouldn't be blaming the refs, Tomlin, the weather, or whatever either.

  15. The Steelers would've beaten the Ravens in a tiebreaker because of their division record. When settling a tie for the WC, if there are 2 (or more) teams from one division, they use the division tiebreaker to narrow it down to 1 team.

    The division tie-breaker is:

    1) Head-to-head record (which was 1-1)

    2) Best record in division games (Steelers were 4-2 to Ravens 3-3)

    So the Steelers would've been in based off of division record.

    For what it's worth, points don't come into play until like the 7th tiebreaker.

    Source: http://www.nfl.com/standings/tiebreakingprocedures

    So basically, Johnny started all this and didn't know what he was talking about and I went along with it.....too funny.

  16. :rofl: Nice way of spinning it Danny ..your truly a class act:rolleyes:

    A missed field goal is an unsuccessful athletic action. It's much different than a blown call by a ref crew that was obvious by the professionals that talk about football.

    The blame is on the officials for blowing an obvious call and the dishonest actions of one soul. I'm not made at the Rooney's ..but I'm disappointed that they'd keep a coach that lacks character and integrity. Thankfully it wasn't rewarded by the football gods that allowed the Chargers to win a game that they shouldn't have won.

    if that's all you've gotten out of this conversation I'm done with you. Thanks for spinning it that way.

    Bottom line is, had the steelers made the playoffs, your narrow minded hatred towards them would have limited you from seeing that it was more than just the Tomlin incident that cost the Ravens the playoffs. You stated earlier that it was the points that would have cost the Ravens, and I gave you an example of where those points could have been made up else where. I also gave you several other examples why they didn't make the playoffs. But you want no parts of it. Its much easier to blame someone else than to look in the mirror and see where the real blame lies. Done, Done,,,and Done

  17. I've never felt us against the world. For whatever reason the ref chose to run around Tomlin and not throw his flag remains to be seen.

    A couple of things ....

    A) at very least it should've been a unsportsman like flag...resulting in an additional 15 yards from where Jones was tackled.

    B) You can argue that Jones wouldn't have scored if Tomlin wouldn't have hindered him. But you have no proof....the replays over and over show Jones cutting away from Tomlin and away from the sideline. A move that Jones wouldn't have done as kick returners hug the sideline. At very least it made him easier for the Steeler defender to catch him. The no call cost the Ravens 4 points which would've given them the tie breaker over Pittsburgh. At very least the unsportsmanlike would've moved them closer to the goal line. I think it would've been very hard for the officials not too award the touchdown if it was a reviewable situation based on the way the rule is written.

    Since you don't know me ...you don't know that I'm a referee. A no call in this case hurt the Ravens and could've cost them a playoff spot if the Chargers had lost their game and finished 8-8.

    Arguing that the Steelers deserved the playoffs more because they were playing better is a silly argument that has nothing to do with the rules.

    Moreover what Tomlin did was cheating and the expression on his face said it all. His comments after the incident were meaningless...the $100,000 fine was meaningless as the Steelers ownership likely paid it. The Steelers will likely loss a late round pick as well as the imposed fine. Which hopefully be enough to keep coaches from interfereing in the future.

    Either way saying that the Ravens didn't deserve the playoffs somehow makes you right just isn't true. Teams skate in to the playoffs every year with a mediocre records. The record, point totals , conf records, etc decide which teams get in....not who's hot at the end of the year.

    And had Tucker made that field goal against NE , that also would have given the Ravens the points needed for the tie breaker, but you go ahead and blame the steelers. I'm done with this

  18. Okay...I get it now ...perhaps you can visit a Steelers board somewhere. I recommend you go there. Bad call on Chiefs game but you won't admit that the Ravens got cheated out of a TD in a game with your Steelers. I personally don't dare that the Ravens did not get in...in fact this was a rebuilding year with all the list players. I'm just glad the cheater Tomlin's team did not get in...that to go along with the fact that we pick in front of them is a win for me.

    Not a steelers fan. Please find me a post where I said I was. I'm Just an objective ravens fan that doesn't feel that the whole NFL world is out to get the Ravens . You should try it sometime. I admit that the refs messed up, that goes without saying. But, there is no guarantee that the refs would have awarded the Ravens a TD.

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