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  1. You're right and here's the math to prove it: https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/ignore-virtually-all-offseason-nfl-strength-of-schedule-information/
  2. Good call Art. https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/2020-strength-of-schedule.html Based on Vegas odds Ravens have top 5 easiest schedule.
  3. Here's Turgeon's response to his recruiting difficulties thus far: https://247sports.com/college/maryland/LongFormArticle/Mark-Turgeon-on-Maryland-Basketball-Recruiting-Jalen-Smith-Transfers-Aquan-Smart-Marcus-Dockery-146872988/
  4. Keep for now. Mid season maybe a team gets desperate because of injuries and will offer a 2nd for Gus the bus.
  5. I would give an 'A' but that's not an option. So I'll do A-. Only miss was not being able to draft a good TE. Then it would have been an A+. Great draft for the Ravens.
  6. Yeah I don't get why Akers was taken before Dobbins. Dobbins could very well be the best RB in the draft. Raven's will cut Ingram and lose Gus the bus, at the end of the 2020 season. So this is an eye for the future BPA pick.
  7. The market seems to be coming up with a lot of new ways to test. This for example seems promising: https://www.billiontoone.com/covid-19
  8. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/29007497/maryland-star-jalen-smith-leave-school-nba-draft
  9. Wish

    Antonio Brown

    Bring him in for vet minimum 1 year deal. Cut him if he acts up. A lot of upside with limited downside.
  10. Reminds me of Terps 1st half basketball. Recruit him if Cowan can't return?
  11. Eli is retired. Jameis Winston TBD
  12. As far as testing goes, these new testing kits we have can tell you if you have it within 5-10 minutes, as opposed to waiting 5 days. If they can mass produce them, players and personnel could take them routinely and risk of spreading would become quite small. Yeah it doesn't exist at scale yet. But once it does...
  13. These millionaires don't get paid unless we start the season right? At some point these players are going to want to get back to work. Government isn't going to help pay the mortgages to their expensive houses. Starting the season in June without fans in the stands makes sense, assuming abundant testing and treatments are working.
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