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  1. What's your plan to address pitching?
  2. I could understand taking an underslot SP at #5, but another OF??? Gawd almighty.
  3. Bet he falls to the Nats- which is really going to tick me off.
  4. The beer tastes a bit colder this morning! Anybody have any info. on the parade?
  5. Hopes and prayers Weams! I have mad respect for your love of O's and knowledge of baseball. But, when you trolled the Blue Jays blog during the Dan Duquette fiasco, that was absolutely epic! Matter of fact, I recently looked up that pitching prospect that OH's wanted in return for Duquette (kid named Hoffman). Journeyman.
  6. If Tony could figure out a way to televise these sim games, using animated lego-type characters, I'd watch at least three innings every night.
  7. Mike Devereaux. Great athlete, great attitude, great O. If I ever run into him, first thing I'd ask him is "Mike - was that HR you hit against the Angels fair or foul?"
  8. Perhaps it's a players union thing? Otherwise, Elias would have Davis in a mandatory, structured hitting program from October to February.
  9. This is like being a kid on Christmas morning. After weeks of anticipation and buildup, you open all your presents and ask "is that it?"
  10. How many pennies on the dollar did ATL get when they dumped Gausman? What actual asset did the Reds get for Gausman?
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