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  1. Welcome to the Majors, son!
  2. Some luck via Harper.
  3. Off topic, but did you know if your type www.relentless.com it will take you to Amazon.com?
  4. I love watching these guys play!
  5. Eshelman has been playing fire leaving pitches in fat part of the plate. He finally got burned, this was predictable.
  6. This umpire is already light years ahead of the one last night.
  7. I was fully expecting him to call that a ball.
  8. The umpire finally got a call right.... ironically hilarious!
  9. The umpire is a disgrace.
  10. This is not going to be easy.
  11. The Phillies are doing everything they can defensively to give us more runs. Let's cash in.
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