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  1. Can we please stop talking about signing poverty additions? No more on players like Galvis, Franco, King Felix, etc. This team needs an infusion of actual MLB talent instead of cheap signings, hoping they can turn it around and get traded for a bag of baseballs later in the year if it goes right. Doesn't need to be top FA's this off-season but middle of the road at least until some of the kids start to get here.
  2. best case scenario seems to be finishing .500 in 2023/2024 with a shot at the WC in 2024/2025. A lot depends on them actually signing quality FA's this off-season/next off-season instead of the usual redemption/value projects we've seen. Another factor is what changes are made in the negotiation/lockout this off-season that could affect the timeline. Or Ownership is just holding on to sell when the old man croaks?
  3. Seeing as how the previous 20+ years the Orioles have produced All-Star after All-Star regarding Pitchers I've got to hear what issues you perceive there regarding the development of pitching under Elias/Holt.
  4. 31 HR/91 RBI and a GG finalist in his last 130 games isn't considered producing enough?
  5. if there are questions about picking up Iglesias option do you really believe we're going all out for Bauer when we're probably not going to be truly competitive until at least the 2022 or 2023 season?
  6. I thought I'd read that Davis knee issue was similar to what Trumbo went thru? If that's the case they most definitely could collect insurance $$$. The flip side is no one has a clue where the season will stand next year and if they have an opportunity to shave some $$$ on his salary, they will. I don't like it but I understand it. Agree we're really close to not having dead weight on the roster.
  7. Who will be on the IL more in their pro career? Harvey or Hays?
  8. 99 isn't something to be worried about. I should know since I was positive back in June. They worry if your temp is in the 100.5 range.
  9. Correct. Eshelman isn't part of the future, Akin/Kremer allegedly are. Now is the time to get them some experience so that they're a little more comfortable next year and to see what they will need to work on to be successful in whatever role.
  10. 4.7 and 6.5 BB per 9 the last 2 years certainly doesn't help, wouldn't you agree Luke? I agree with your comment on FB movement but he just can't find the plate enough and I'm not sure he's mentally tough enough. Doesn't hurt to keep throwing him out there the next 2 years and see if he figures it out.
  11. only if he learns how to throw strikes...
  12. If ownership somehow fails to see after the last 2 seasons he needs to be gone this off-season, I'm not sure what's left to say.
  13. Considering he didn't get started until after Thanksgiving this shouldn't really surprise anyone.
  14. yeah but Kim to our knowledge was never an avid outdoors man like Buck. Hard to build chemistry if you don't want to hunt/fish on away trips during the season.
  15. I'm not sweating his walk or K percentages. The kid can flat out rake. I'd much rather have a team of players that have decent power but have good a OBP than continue to watch an all or nothing approach at the plate over the last 7 years.
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