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  1. What's the longest stretch of baseball he has played w/o being on IL?
  2. He's a big boy and has a thick lower half. He drops and drives and looks like he has a tough time getting over top his lower half and falls off the the left side. Looks like a compact and efficient motion nonetheless, just might be a body type thing. One thing I'd be nervous about is telegraphing his pitches. Looks like he might have a tendency to tip pitches to advanced hitters.
  3. He looks like a man amongst boys down there, just in the way he carries himself. Game moves slower for him. I was super impressed when he kicked it into high gear on Friday to turn a single into a double. Shows immense baseball IQ and a pretty darn strong run tool.
  4. emmett16

    Coby Mayo

    Swing looks like Bryce Harper from the right side.
  5. Took second base in LFers face for a double (laser off 3b glove). Advances to third on ball in dirt that got away from C. He has a thick lower half, very muscular. Pretty quick and athletic for a big dude. He can move.
  6. Just got my first eyes on Adley. ABs are so professional. Fouled off half dozen pitches and gets sac fly. Cool as a cucumber. First defender out on field. Met knew pitcher on mound before inning. I’m impressed
  7. It's like I want to like Wynns, but he can't hit, can't run the bases, and isn't a spectacular catcher. Why do I want to like Wynns?
  8. That's a crazy tool, for sure! And those are a lot of draft picks in the last 15 years. Here is a list of some notable alumni List of IMG Academy alumni - Wikipedia
  9. I hear ya. I prefaced the Kjerstad statement with an 'if', it's a huge question mark, but a lottery ticket that will be fun to watch play out. I'm hoping for best case scenario that he's fully healthy and productive so it'll be like adding another first rounder to the system. I'm assuming GRod is up next season killing his prospect status. But with a productive Kjerstad, 1.1 coming in, Latin influence, and players from last two years drafts having success it seems the system could be in better shape next year than it is this year. (this is a pipe dream scenario - the orioles give me n
  10. A colleague of mine's son is moving down to FL so his son can do his senior year at IMG. If you have the means and the talent, it's probably the best "high school" to use as a platform to show off your skills. Kids from all over the country move to Bradenton, Fl to play all the various sports they offer. We run into them in Basketball every year. While our team is a perennial top 10 in the nation team, IMG is is a class above. Same in all sports. Not really a high school, it's a sports academy where talented kids go to learn how to become professionals at an early age.
  11. If Kjerstad comes back healthy and makes a major impact, it will dramatically impact/improve the system. It'll be like adding two 1st Round draft picks to next years mid-year prospect rankings.
  12. Mountcastle’s OPS is up to .803 after last night. Been climbing steadily for a while now. Good news.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. Before watching video I was thinking it was going out to LF. Crushed that ball. Pretty swing. Wonder if he got a little homer happy after that ball through off his swing a bit.
  14. Or a trade chip reveals itself. Can't have too much talent.
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