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  1. The Pen: MLB owners’ vote could be big news for baseball fans cutting the cord https://sports.yahoo.com/the-pen-mlb-owners-vote-could-be-big-news-for-baseball-fans-cutting-the-cord-200214832.html I’m driving but this flashed on my screen. I cut the cord 4 years ago and have been patiently awaiting MLB package to allow me to watch a “blacked out” game (MASN). Does anyone know about this???
  2. My point was resigning the likes of Tillman and Hellickson on the cheap would've been fine moves had we moved Manny and Britton last year for farm money bags headed toward a 70% rebuild. We DID NOT therefore these types moves are just more of the same further highlighting the bone headed front office and more importantly, ownership. Why is Manny still on the roster if we aren't banging down the doors of Cobb, Vargas, Arrieta types???? Makes absolutely no sense. Either we were contending one last year, which IMO is wrong move BTW, or we looked towards future and stock piled ourselves with young talent. All of the knowledgable fanbase would have commended and understood this move. Hell, I would have bought season tickets knowing we made the tough call but creatively and instinctively kept this team in contention for next decade or so. Instead, we are half way in on an ALL or nothing play without a future.
  3. Say I was a NON orioles baseball fan looking in on it's organization through a non-bias lens without any previous knowledge of ownerships past discretions, blunders, provocations etc. How would one NOT think the organization plans to compete one last year in AL East with expiring contracts looming? If this was a rebuild, we would have sold both Britton and Machado last year with value exceedingly more than just a rental AND in turn, earned back someones prized farm pieces. We did NOT do that. Therefore, we MUST be in a last hoorah moment (of sorts). We have small pieces that are young and under our control, we have small pieces that are entering their prime and close to contract time (within 2 years) and we have expiring contracts on some of our prime players after this year. If again, I was someone who didn't know the Orioles past, I would say they are two good pitchers away from a serious contender in the East. They have a strong bullpen, a good enough fielding infield, and a legit #3-#5 pitching rotation. We have weaknesses at the catching position and are desperate for a starting pitcher, really two- a legit #1 and #2, or two #2's. Gausman and Bundy as a #3 and #4 in your rotation is more than sufficient. If we tried to address the catching position, I'm not sure how much you really can improve it without a mortgage. I think you ride out Caleb and hope Sisco can become your guy. I believe he will be there as a hitter, but how comfortable our pitchers will be with him behind the dish, is still to be seen. Now, as an Orioles fan, if you signed a Cobb and Vargas, how significantly does the outlook of this team change? Lets first look at what we need to improve on, here are the totals of the pitchers we want to replace, 17-39, 6.61 ERA, 86 S, 445.2 IP. Ugh. Very easy to improve upon, but if you more than compensate these numbers with consistent options I would think we would have enough to contend for a wildcard spot at very least. And, given the current status of our mixed vet and younger players team, getting two veteran starters, is by no means, counter intuitive to a minor rebuild in 2019. Before the pitchforks, I know it isn't as easy as going out and just getting these guys but if we say things like "too expensive" we lay ourselves out there for major criticism. Andrew Miller was "too expensive" to pay non closer money to, instead we gave it to O'day. Bad deal. Miller has been one of the best pitchers in baseball the last 3 years. We didn't want to "overpay" Nelson Cruz, instead we signed the worst deal in Orioles history in Chris Davis. We almost never make the right move in these type situations because we play to fill the stands, instead of field a team. So, I would say the Orioles State of Mind is very much in limbo at the moment in the eyes of the league. Their (ownership) next moves will tell the story of what this franchise actually wants, as Oriole fans we've seen it time and time again, Orioles front office history repeating itself, blunder after blunder. If we let the most valuable piece in franchise history walk into free agency without a significant return, this mismanagement deserves no sheep. I for one, will consider my fandom and weigh it heavily in the balances of being loyal and being duped year after year. It's not as if there are Cal Ripken's or Derek Jeter's in sports anymore, if there are, they're rare. We aren't being loyal to a core group anymore, its 100% a business, and our leader is Mr. Burns. We are all Homers until we decide to force change on them. I've canceled my cable with no intentions (for now) of renewing. I have no access to MASN, it'll be me and Joe Angel should I choose to follow them. I've been a lifelong fan and it pains me to accept this reality. Thanks for listening.
  4. Lets start by throwing out the Verlander and Samarjda talk. Verlander isn't coming here. For one, his girl hates Camden- if you remember everyone taking selfies with her in background. She watched entire game with a shield up. Secondly, Orioles aren't covering the 65+ million owned on rest of that back loaded 7 yr/180M deal (currently midway thru 5th year). Even if Tigers softened stance on financial cash help in the deal, I still think it would cost too much- AND he has a no trade clause, and would likely be a punk anyway. VERLANDER IS OUT!!!! Having said all that, he's pitching well, his arm would serve us well. Its simple with Samardja, he would GET ROCKED IN AL EAST! ROCKED!!!! Don't want him. That brings us to one of my favorite low radar Orioles of all time, the gritty, Miguel Gonzalez. Put aside the fact he is lights out in last 4 starts, this guy is a gamer. Always has been. His walks are down and has always relied on contact, but he has also been making guys miss at one of his highest rates all year. He loves a stellar defense behind him, that is why he is a perfect fit here with Baltimore, once again. This guy actually cares about winning games, you can see it in every AB and every pitch he throws. I would send him out 1000% over the likes of Tillman and Ubaldo. I can't stand to watch the slumpy, falling off mound lazy ass Tillman pitch another game. Guy has NO HEART. Miguel will bolster this rotation and give us gutsy starts- especially against the likes of New York Yankees, who he absolutely owns. GO GET HIM NOW!!!!
  5. Make a case for trading Trey Mancini. What would he fetch? Is it completely moronic to trade him considering we have him locked up for 6 or so years? In my opinion, he isn't a perennial major league hitter, has very little versatility and is a defensive liability. His walk to K rate is bad and very feast or famine in my eyes.
  6. I actually have 4 tickets but was gonna tell wife to stay home. Now, I guess I'm bringing her. Ugh.
  7. Why on earth would they only give to ages 15 and over? Taking my two girls (age 9&7) tonight and now they are going to be devastated. This is ass backwards. Thanks a lot Orioles for crushing their dreams.
  8. Debating on headed to OPACY with this rain. Brutal to sit thru 2 hour delay and then 4 hour game on weekday. Any thoughts?
  9. is that the couple from never-ending story????....hahahah awesome if yes
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