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  1. The Pen: MLB owners’ vote could be big news for baseball fans cutting the cord https://sports.yahoo.com/the-pen-mlb-owners-vote-could-be-big-news-for-baseball-fans-cutting-the-cord-200214832.html I’m driving but this flashed on my screen. I cut the cord 4 years ago and have been patiently awaiting MLB package to allow me to watch a “blacked out” game (MASN). Does anyone know about this???
  2. My point was resigning the likes of Tillman and Hellickson on the cheap would've been fine moves had we moved Manny and Britton last year for farm money bags headed toward a 70% rebuild. We DID NOT therefore these types moves are just more of the same further highlighting the bone headed front office and more importantly, ownership. Why is Manny still on the roster if we aren't banging down the doors of Cobb, Vargas, Arrieta types???? Makes absolutely no sense. Either we were contending one last year, which IMO is wrong move BTW, or we looked towards future and stock piled ourselves with young
  3. Say I was a NON orioles baseball fan looking in on it's organization through a non-bias lens without any previous knowledge of ownerships past discretions, blunders, provocations etc. How would one NOT think the organization plans to compete one last year in AL East with expiring contracts looming? If this was a rebuild, we would have sold both Britton and Machado last year with value exceedingly more than just a rental AND in turn, earned back someones prized farm pieces. We did NOT do that. Therefore, we MUST be in a last hoorah moment (of sorts). We have small pieces that are young and unde
  4. Lets start by throwing out the Verlander and Samarjda talk. Verlander isn't coming here. For one, his girl hates Camden- if you remember everyone taking selfies with her in background. She watched entire game with a shield up. Secondly, Orioles aren't covering the 65+ million owned on rest of that back loaded 7 yr/180M deal (currently midway thru 5th year). Even if Tigers softened stance on financial cash help in the deal, I still think it would cost too much- AND he has a no trade clause, and would likely be a punk anyway. VERLANDER IS OUT!!!! Having said all that, he's pitching well, his arm
  5. Make a case for trading Trey Mancini. What would he fetch? Is it completely moronic to trade him considering we have him locked up for 6 or so years? In my opinion, he isn't a perennial major league hitter, has very little versatility and is a defensive liability. His walk to K rate is bad and very feast or famine in my eyes.
  6. I actually have 4 tickets but was gonna tell wife to stay home. Now, I guess I'm bringing her. Ugh.
  7. Why on earth would they only give to ages 15 and over? Taking my two girls (age 9&7) tonight and now they are going to be devastated. This is ass backwards. Thanks a lot Orioles for crushing their dreams.
  8. Debating on headed to OPACY with this rain. Brutal to sit thru 2 hour delay and then 4 hour game on weekday. Any thoughts?
  9. is that the couple from never-ending story????....hahahah awesome if yes
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