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    Nelson Cruz is 40...

    While this is true, Ted Williams left for Korea - where, incredibly, he was John Glenn's wing man - after 6 games in 1952. He returned for the final 37 games of 1953. He hit 13 HRs in those 37 games. Gotta think he would have hit a good number of home runs had he played full seasons in 1952-53. And, of course, missing 3 full seasons during his 20's to serve in World War II undoubtedly cost his career stats big time. Hard to believe the man put up the huge career numbers that he did despite missing the bulk of 5 seasons to serve his country. Truly a great player.
  2. I doubt if he passes through waivers. My guess is Atlanta will find a trade partner. If he isn't traded and passes through waivers, that would be an indicator that the teams know something that we don't, IMO. Atlanta giving up on him does make me wonder. If he does happen to pass through waivers, wouldn't he remain Atlanta's property and be outrighted to their AAA team? I mean, they'd have to pay him anyway, so why would they just release him?
  3. Yes, there is always some subjectivity by the official scorer. The same exact play may be called one way in one ball park, and the other way in another ball park. There is no "rule." Most often though, the error (or wild pitch) is charged to the thrower/pitcher if the ball bounces.
  4. From what I've seen, yes. Just like a pitch in the dirt that gets away from the catcher allowing a runner to advance is pretty much always called a wild pitch. Hard to blame the person trying to catch the ball if the pitch or throw bounces,
  5. If one of the cardboard fans falls onto the field, does it get escorted from the park?
  6. Actually, I believe you were correct using "who." I believe that "whom" is used as the object of a preposition. "To whom." "For whom." "Of whom."
  7. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/07/nick-markakis-opts-out-2020-season-braves.html I listed this in Orioles Talk so that everyone can see it. Mods, please move to MLB section after a bit of time. Thank you.
  8. No, they wouldn't face any penalty if Servideo doesn't sign. The amount under-slot that Kjerstad signed for more than makes up for the total overage of the two over-slot signings. Our total slot allowance would be decreased by the slot amount of the Servideo pick, and we are presently under that adjusted slot allowance with all of our draftee signings.
  9. Sorry LA2, I see that you edited your post while I was typing my reply and that you have indeed noted the deceptiveness of the mortality rate in view of the sudden increase in new cases.
  10. This is certainly not my field, but it stands to reason that a sudden sharp increase in confirmed cases will naturally accompany a reduction in mortality rate for a time. An increase in the number of deaths would occur later, as there is logically some time that passes between initial infection and death. It seems to me that a more informative ratio to determine mortality rate would be the number of deaths divided by all concluded cases (number of deaths plus number of recoveries.) The ratio of deaths divided by total confirmed cases that you mentioned results in a distorted rate, as it treats all of those that are currently infected by the virus as if they have recovered. The number of deaths has risen, but the death rate, as you have calculated it, seems to have gone down because of the sudden dramatic increase in new cases that are currently battling the virus. I'm not trying to be alarmist, but rather believe that we need to be sure of what the statistics we are looking at mean. Hopefully, the day will come where there will be no new cases. When that day comes, however, it seems likely to me that there will continue to be victims that succumb to the disease for a period of time until everyone that's been infected recovers.
  11. Dave McNally. Well, to start with, there are many more right-handed people than left-handed people. So right off the bat, one would certainly expect to have fewer left-handed players who bat right-handed than right-handed players who bat left-handed. Add to that the game advantage to throwing right-handed at certain positions; and the advantage of batting left-handed (since there are more right-handed pitchers) and we end up with even fewer players who learn from an early age to bat right-handed and throw left.
  12. I seriously doubt if Aaron led the NL in HR in the 1970's, since he didn't play the whole decade. I would guess someone like Stargell, Bench, or Schmidt would be the guy. I'm guessing all 3 of those guys had more HR in the 1970's than Aaron.
  13. As I posted above, not according to MLBTR.
  14. Per MLBTR, Meyer signed for 6.7. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/06/marlins-first-rounder-max-meyer-agree-to-deal.html
  15. Number5


    That's the way he pronounced it. Although there is no "W" sound in there. Just say the 2 words "bra" and "bender".
  16. There were reports that Boras told the Orioles that they wanted #1 money from the Orioles, which would have been over-slot for the second pick.
  17. Are you saying the rule has changed and it is no longer allowed? I understand that you don't think that ownership will authorize the overage. That is not my question.
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