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  1. Herrera is #2. I think he has a shot. Just sayin'.
  2. I thought the Red Sox alleged cheating occurred in 2018. Cora wasn't their manager in 2017, he was with the Astros.
  3. Not familiar with 1877, but the 1919 White Sox certainly did not net on themselves, so0 that is not an example.
  4. Pitchers - Means, Cobb, Wojo, LeBlanc, Givens, Bleier, Armstrong, Castro, Fry, Bailey, Harvey, Scott, Milone Infield- Davis, Alberto, Iglesias, Nunez, Ruiz, Velazquez, Herrera Outfield - Mancini, Hayes, Santander, Smith Catcher - Severino, Holaday
  5. Oh, gotcha. I thought the "nobody" was referring to the folks issuing the ratings, rather than the teams.
  6. So, we are definitely in the top 4 of the bottom 4.
  7. Did you mean to say everybody?
  8. So he was laughing at the guys working out without using steroids? They must have been in the 10%.😲
  9. It was atomic. He hasn't got a clue. Here's a positive to cancel his nonsense.
  10. Traded to Phillies. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/02/phillies-acquire-kyle-garlick-from-dodgers.html
  11. Superimposing an "N" on a "Y" is worse!
  12. Seems like we should designate Davis as a two-way player. No downside if we have to keep him on the IL 5 more days.
  13. Actually, I think he forgot the score. The number of outs doesn't matter on this play.
  14. Yes, for pitchers. It will still be 10 days for position players. And, yes, if they are brought back before eligible to replace an injured player, that is OK.
  15. This begs several questions: 1. If you don't ever watch, why do you care what's on? 2. If you don't ever watch, why do you bother to gather statistics about what ESPN is broadcasting and formulate an opinion about it? 3. If you don't ever watch, why would you think ESPN cares about your opinion? 4. If you don't ever watch, what makes you think any of us care about your opinion?
  16. Dubroff seems to have forgotten about Nunez when discussing the infield/outfield roster. He says there are 4 openings for those reserve spots, but by my count there are three. I'm figuring the seven starting IF/OF that he lists, 2 catchers, 13 pitchers, and Nunez - which leaves 3 more spots on the 26-man roster. Now, if the Orioles decide to stick with 12 pitchers and make the 26th man an extra position player, there would be room for a 4th IF/OF utility guy, but I'm guessing that 13 pitchers will work better for this team.
  17. Well, it certainly can't hurt. Seems like it would both help persuade young kids to "buy in" to suggestions going forward, as well as boosting their confidence. Are those things plusses for future performance? I believe so.
  18. Like the kid from Louisiana that "signed" with Ole Miss and it turned out they didn't make an offer to him.
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