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  1. PA got burned a few years ago. He had to pay a large settlement to a free agent pitcher that failed the physical because the report in the press did not mention the fact that the signing was subject to the player passing a physical, as ridiculous as that sounds. Wish I could remember the pitcher's name. I can't blame him for being cautious after being burned. When Jones stated that he had been traded to the Orioles, PA felt he needed to cover his bases.
  2. I'm sure that you would, but how is that gonna happen?
  3. I believe that Belkast hinted that it would be better than Jones/Tillman/Sherrill/ plus a lower-ranked prospect which was the rumored 4 for 1 deal at the time if I'm remembering right. Butler and Mickolio added to the package would make it better.
  4. "Bedard's physical is set to begin later this afternoon, but probably won't be concluded until Friday." Now THAT's a long time for a physical! Does he get any coffee breaks?
  5. Glad to hear it. I hope you all make it as rough as possible on Bedard. This might help us to possibly be able to sign him away from you in 2 years.
  6. I'm sorry, I couldn't find the article. I got stuck on the "sunshine girl" feature.
  7. I have to respectfully disagree. OBP is certainly the number one trait desired in a lead-off hitter. It is hard to score if you aren't on base. However, speed is the number two desired trait. The ideal lead-off man can get himself into scoring position for the 2-3-4 guys and needs to be able to score from second on a single. Yes, it is true that the Red Sox do well with Pedroia and Youkilis at the top of the order with high OBP's and few steals, but that is more a function of having Ortiz and Ramirez hitting 3-4 don't ya think? Given the choice between the two, yes OBP is more important than speed, but that does not mean that speed is unimportant.
  8. I disagree. After '09 we should be ready to contend. I would hope that 2 years from now we aren't still "blowing it up." Unless we get real lucky somehow, it looks like we would still be in the market for a SS at that time. With Greene's stated desire to be on the east coast, it would seem to be a good fit.
  9. Sorry Allstar, I was typing as you posted. Looks like we are on the same page!
  10. Greene would be eligible for free agency in 2 years anyway. The 2 year contract keeps him out of arbitration. I've read that he doesn't want to extend beyond 2 years with San Diego because he wants to play for an east coast team. How many east coast teams need a SS? He looks like a good fit for the Orioles to me! I like our chances of being able to extend his contract if we can get him.
  11. I agree. But if we are playing them both, wouldn't Hernandez be the SS? I'm just sayin'...
  12. There you went and got me all excited again!
  13. If we are playing both Cedeno and Hernandez, wouldn't Hernandez be the one at SS?
  14. Didn't I read somewhere that San Diego has an interest in Scott or Murton? Khalil Greene?
  15. Gallagher has upside, no doubt, but he is no lock to be a #3 SP. As the "insider" that Roy spoke with seems to think, trading Roberts for what the Cubs are rumored to have offered would be to sell him short.
  16. We are on the same page. The Gallagher/Marshall/Cedeno trade was a rumor and never a done deal. The rumored Cub offers keep getting progressively better, but still lack a headliner like Marmol or Pie. This most recent rumor of Gallagher/Murton/Veal/Cedeno is definitely the best rumor yet, but I'm with you that we should continue to hold off, unless AM has worked another deal with another team to pull in a headliner. I would like to hear more about any talks we may be having with Cleveland.
  17. This is the best rumored offer from the Cubs yet. Waiting does seem to improve the offers. If we can work a trade with another team for a top SS/2B prospect pending this trade, it might be worth considering. If not, holding off might still be the best course.
  18. Yes, we might even be offered players that play at the deadline. Really, you can't be saying that the Cubs won't offer at least what they are offering now if they are looking to trade for Roberts at the deadline can you? They aren't offering anything that they figure to be relying on.
  19. I've read that he has poor hands and instincts at 2B, but I'm not qualified to answer. Perhaps one of our Cub fans can fill us in.
  20. Exactly. We do not need to be in any hurry.
  21. Fair enough, Mackus. We just disagree on Gallagher. I like him, but I'm not as certain that he will be a sure-fire #2 as you are. I think he has a good chance to be a good MLB SP, but he is a prospect and can just as easily end up being a spot starter/long relief guy. We don't know. I like Murton, but, frankly, similar players are available every year at far less cost than you are proposing here. I'm not seeing this rumored offer as one we need to grab before it goes away. This kind of offer will remain on the table, count on it. The only change in the offer I would see is for the Cubs to decide that they really want Roberts and make an offer that would get him.
  22. Maybe. I don't know what the Cubs are thinking. I'm just looking at their actions. I'm just sayin'...
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