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  1. OK, Mr Altuve, just one more test, then you can bat.
  2. What if they had a trash can under their shirt? 😀
  3. I hear ya, but that just seems way too high to me. Seems like .6 runs would be closer to the number for the entire half inning, not one out. That would be 5.4 runs per team per game by simple math ( 9 X .6.) I'm sure the formula that whoever came up with .6 runs per out came up with is far more complex than that. I've found in life that there are times that more complex isn't always better. It would be nice to at least be given a reasonable explanation of how they arrived at the number and a reason that the actual number of runs scored versus outs made would be an incorrect way to do it. Again, I'm no mathematician, but I do like to be able to at least have something make some kind of sense to me.
  4. I'm not a mathematician, so I can't back my opinion up on this, but .6 runs per out seems extremely high to me. My common sense tells me that there isn't an average of 1.8 runs scored every half inning, even with juiced up balls. Again, I have no training or experience in this field at all, but it just looks way off to my simple mind. Can you explain this to me in terms that I can understand?
  5. Yes, Cora noticed that whenever the pitchers caused loud banging sounds to emanate from below the stands that they then threw an off-speed pitch.
  6. Death by hanging is well beyond the maximum penalty. Point is, 1877 is just plain not comparable to 1990 or today. The 1919 World Series would have been a better comparison for Drungo to have pulled up from the past, IMO. The Karras-Hornung one year ban in the NFL is more pertinent than 1877 baseball, but is also not quite relevant, given that it is a different sport with a different organization. I think that perhaps you and Drungo are somehow perceiving my comments as being in defense of Pete Rose. They are not. I have no problem with his banishment. I remain outraged at Garcia's not being punished in kind at the same period of time. If anything, umpires should be held more accountable than players and managers, not less. The very heart of the game is attacked when an umpire is illegally and unduly influenced. For an umpire to be indebted to illegal bookmakers creates an obvious probability of impropriety. It has certainly raised questions concerning Garcia's perplexing non-call in the 1996 ALCS.
  7. I disagree. If anything, it is very much out of context, given the sea of differences between the game and the organization and administration thereof between 1877 and the modern day game. Again, how we punished horse thieves in 1877 is not pertinent to today. Well, I've made my point that life's situations in 1877 are irrelevant to this discussion, and certainly nothing has been said here to change my mind on that.
  8. I beg your pardon. I didn't say anything of the kind. My point was and remains that It was highly hypocritical to ban Pete Rose for life and quietly slap the wrist of Richie Garcia at the same time. That is NOT an endorsement of Pete Rose. I also made the point that your comment that what was done in 1877 was somehow pertinent was just plain silly.
  9. So we should take the vote away from women and hang horse thieves because that's what they did in 1877? The hypocrisy of banning Pete Rose for life while - at the very same time - quietly slapping the wrist of an umpire that gambled and was indebted to illegal bookmakers is a black stain on the game that receives incredibly little notoriety. The same umpire a decade or so later pretended not to see a fan reaching out onto the field of play to interfere during an ALCS game, despite being positioned in such a way to have to have seen it unless his eyes were closed. Said umpire was later actually promoted to a supervisory position, only to be summarily dismissed under suspicious circumstances in another playoff series. Failure to hold umpires to a standard of integrity at least as high as the standard set for players is inexcusable.
  10. Per BBREF: https://www.baseball-reference.com/about/war_explained_position.shtml Current values (per 1350 (150*9) innings played) are: 😄 +9 runs SS: +7 runs 2B: +3 runs CF: +2.5 runs 3B: +2 runs RF: -7 runs LF: -7 runs 1B: -9.5 runs DH: -15 runs Edit: The smiley face is C, but I have no idea why it changed to a smiley face and I can't edit it. Weird.
  11. Yeah, like "Does this outfit make my butt look fat?"
  12. Wouldn't this come under "dismissal for cause"?
  13. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?
  14. Apparently Cora will also be punished for his role while with the Astros. I'm guessing that he'll get a separate, additional punishment for his role in the Red Sox cheating.
  15. Welcome. It's a joke related to a discussion from a couple weeks ago.
  16. Maybe the Rays know something we don't know.
  17. I'm not too worried about this. Unlike Cora, the duties Elias had with Houston appear wholly unrelated to this issue.
  18. I think that perhaps you meant to say that the risk does outweigh the reward.
  19. Number5

    Farewell OH

    Wow! Congrats, Luke!
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