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  1. I'm pretty sure that FRobby means that 90% of the time there is one player drafted after your pick that turns out better than your guy, not that 90% of the players taken after you guy turns out better than your guy. Big difference..
  2. I agree with you, but Baines is a poor example of your point, IMO. My understanding is that he was never elected in, in the normal sense. He was put in by a small group of guys he was popular with on a veterans committee, wasn't he? As long as there continue to be those types of committees, I think that it is likely that guys like Baines will be put in the HOF by their buds.
  3. I'm getting to the age that surviving would be a successful decade. LOL
  4. C - Clay Dalrymple 1B - Jim Traber 2B - Billy Ripken SS - Robert Andino 3B - Craig Worthington OF - Whitey Herzog OF - Ken Gerhart OF - Dave Nicholson DH - Sam Horn RHP - Jack Fisher LHP - Mark Hendrickson
  5. There wasn't. Article is misleading. Bigbie never saw Roberts use steroids, and had no first-hand knowledge of him doing so. Bigbie shared that Roberts declined to use steroids with him and Segui, but said Roberts told him that he had previously tried it and didn't like it. It was hearsay. Roberts did later confirm that he did tell Bigbie that. By his own later admission, Roberts was guilty, but listing him in the Mitchell report beforehand based on hearsay was a questionable act on Mitchell's part, IMO. No other player was listed based solely on hearsay. Too bad for Roberts that he wasn't playing for Boston instead of Baltimore. As I recall, there were no players listed by big Red Sox fan Mitchell in his report as having used PHDs while a Red Sox player, hearsay or otherwise, despite strong suspicions. Incredibly, there were some of these "clean" Red Sox players that suddenly decided to use PHDs when traded to other teams.
  6. Seems to be very rare, and I doubt if it has ever happened for a really bad team. What are you going to sell the guy on?
  7. As with all contracts, we would want to heed our doctor's advice. Assuming the doctors give the go-ahead, we should go ahead. If not, not.
  8. As I thought was clear from my post, the two years at $12 million each at the end only come into play if he is obviously worth it. So your question here is irrelevant. Do I think 6/$24 is worth the risk? Well, yes, I do. As I said. Thanks for your insight, but I'll stick with my vote.
  9. Number5

    Travis Shaw?

    Time for glasses, maybe?
  10. Hays for sure. 8/$48 million, with an out at 6/$24 if things go south sounds real good to me. The guy can definitely play center field and showed in 21 games last year that he can hit in the majors, albeit over a small sample size. Worthwhile risk, IMO. I'd like to see Mountcastle show he can play a position and get at least a few MLB at bats before offering this to him.
  11. I guess I not only want a good player, I want a player that is more likely better than the players that the teams picking behind us get. To me, the point of having such a high draft pick is to hopefully improve our team by more than other teams improve theirs. I understand what you are saying. I just disagree with it. To each his own.
  12. I'm not sure that I agree with you. How does having more equally high-rated draft prospects available at #2 help us? We can only take one. Seems like that would be more beneficial to the teams drafting behind us at spots 3, 4, 5, and 6 than to us. Personally, I'd like to see it boil down to two no-doubt-about-it top guys. We'd get whichever one Detroit doesn't take and we'd have just as good a chance at a superstar as they do, with a better chance than those picking behind us.
  13. Interesting. If you told me to guess who the player to accomplish those three feats in a game was, I'd put forth guesses like Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Mike Trout, and Ken Griffey, Jr. But then I realized that it is pretty much a fluke to have a game that includes all of those things for one player, so the odds are so low for every rookie outfielder that it is just as fluky no matter who does it. Five RBI in a game is the rarest of these things, and there have only been so many games where a player has five RBI. Now, eliminate all of the non-outfielders and you have a smaller group. Now, eliminate all the non-rookies and we have a really small number of games. Now, one would think that most five RBI games involve a guy having a power day involving HRs, 2Bs, and sac flies; and generally involve his team building a pretty good lead, so the stolen base wouldn't be involved very often, so we are down to a very small sample of games in the last hundred years where a rookie outfielder has five RBI and a stolen base. Now, of those few remaining games, are there any where the guy happened to pick up an outfield assist? Again, in most of these games one would guess that the player's team has a decent-sized lead, so the opposing team is less likely to be trying to stretch for extra bases all that often, so odds are that there just wouldn't be all that many chances for an outfield assist in these games. Seems like the best type of game for this to happen would be a high scoring affair. The Orioles lost this game 11-10. All in all, it's a nice day for Hays, and one we aren't that likely to see duplicated by another rookie any time soon.
  14. Yeah, it was almost as though he was pitching to a smaller strike zone while with the Orioles.
  15. I remember one time a reporter asked Johnny Oates how he handles the pressure of managing in a pennant race. He replied, "Pressure? This isn't pressure. Being two payments behind on your mortgage and out of work. That's pressure." Or words to that effect. I thought that was a great response.
  16. Hot in Texas? Who would have thought?
  17. LOL. Sounds like a politician.
  18. Maybe the A's didn't have a 40-man spot so they couldn't draft him; and when no team drafted Reed, they traded for him because they didn't need to put him on the 40-man roster. Just a guess.
  19. ^ That's Rule 5, not Tule 5. LOL. Mads, please correct. Thank you.
  20. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=621074#/career/R/pitching/2019/ALL
  21. About to start, I think. Don't see anything on it, yet.
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