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  1. I was just about to post this before seeing it. I will be really anxious to see attendance numbers these next 11 games. Fans need to show up. The extra boost could really help us try to regain the top spot in the division. I'm 4 hours away but plan on making a trip. Show up Baltimore! What a gigantic 11 game stretch that will likely decide our fate.
  2. Ummmm, correct. Like I said, put him anywhere in the middle of the lineup 3-6.
  3. I've been asking for it all year. Kim is your prototypical leadoff hitter minus his speed (we don't steal bases anyways). I know you can make the argument that Jones has been very productive in this spot but I would much prefer sticking him back in the middle of the lineup in big RBI opportunities. This is our best hitting lineup 1-9 IMO. 1. Kim 2. Schoop 3. Machado 4. Jones 5. Davis 6. Trumbo 7. Alvarez 8. Wieters 9. Hardy Here's to hoping Kim is still in the leadoff spot once 10 comes back!
  4. Sorry if this has already been posted and discussed and I haven't seen it but I thought I remember hearing something about Bundy having a slider but they wouldn't let him throw it this year due to the stress it would put on his elbow coming back from Tommy John? He's obviously shown he can get MLB hitters out with three pitches but I was curious if anyone has heard if he will ever be able to throw his slider again?
  5. Buster Olney just tweeted from ESPN Stats/Info: "In his postseason career, Adam Jones has seen 29 pitches out of the strike zone with two strikes and has swung at 23 of them." Hoping Adam Jones doesn't turn into the Alex Rodriguez of playoff baseball. This is two years now in which he has underperformed.
  6. I would have to say I agree with your thoughts on Jones 100%.
  7. Latest reports I am hearing is that the heaviest of the rain will not fall until after midnight. We'll see. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  8. I take that back. It looks like it is weakening from my mobile phone. Not when I look at the radar on my laptop. Doesn't look good.
  9. If you put the "radar in motion" on weather.com and look at the rain coming from the West, it really looks like it is starting to dicipate and weaken a little bit. I'm not weather expert but unless the system strengthens again I really don't think it will be that bad.
  10. Not sure which weather forecast to believe. Weather.com has a 50% chance of rain tomorrow. NOAA.gov says 100% chance of showers. The more, however, I look at the radar and rain moving in, I don't think it will be a washout by any means. I think there will be a steady rain but I am thinking that they can play through it. I may be wrong. We will see!
  11. I haven't really studied the weather like some of you but for what it is worth weather.com had a 90% chance of rain for tomorrow most of the day today. Within the last couple hours it has downgraded to 50%.... Not sure exactly if things are looking more promising or not.
  12. We have a bunch of #4 and #5 starters and it doesn't help that not one member of the so called "calvary" panned out. This team is in desperate need of acquiring a TOR starter in the off season. Going to have to spend money. If they don't, it will be the same story unless one of Bundy/Gausman really step up.
  13. http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/cubs/post/_/id/19238/trade-for-arrieta-strop-could-be-classic Good for these guys. Glad to see they are having some success. Really doesn't surprise me. The talent was always there...
  14. You're not wrong. We have a team full of #4 starters and a bunch of impatient hitters who swing at pitches 3 feet out of the strike zone. This is still a good team, just not good enough. Really missing a reliable veteran presence hitter in the middle of the lineup and a TOR starter.
  15. Jose Canseco just tweeted that he was going to come out and make an announcement in 15 minutes, 10 minutes ago. Could it be him?
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