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  1. He doesn't belong because he was actually great for the Orioles for two seasons and played for 5 more teams over 5 years after leaving Baltimore
  2. Check Part 1 (C/IF) linked at the top of this thread!
  3. Animal Crossing comes out for the Switch in two days 👀
  4. Years ago at spring training my brothers and I went to the Sarasota dog track one night. We spotted Troy Patton and he struck up a conversation with us like we were old friends. He said that he had been sent down that day and was preparing to drown his sorrows. I’m still struck by how open and honest he was with a few fans, but the conversation later took on a more somber tone based on how his career played out. On a lighter note, a few weeks ago at spring training Richie Martin had a great game in Bradenton with a triple, couple RBIs, a great defensive play. As he was running back to the
  5. Me too! TBH, I don't think I even knew that Rick Burleson and Keith Moreland were MLB players before this thread. Based on the stats, it looks like Moreland had a long, productive career throughout the 80s (mostly with the Cubs) peaking between 1985-1987 as a super utility guy with a pretty live bat who could wear like 4 different gloves and provide 1-2 WAR. The Orioles traded Brian Dubois to Detroit for him late in '89 for a playoff push, and he did absolutely nothing as a full-time DH, batting .215 (.243 OB%) with 4 BBs (12 Ks), 7 GIDPs, 1 HR, 4 2Bs, and 10 RBI in 33 games for a -1 WAR. Some
  6. It's funny, if you can read the back of that card in the image, it's a quote from Carter saying "I wanted to go out with a bang. Playing at Camden Yards is a way to go out with a bang." Unfortunately, based on the results, it seems like he expected the ballpark to do all the work for him.
  7. Thanks for all the great discussion and suggestions after Part 1 (C/IF), I definitely missed some good ones but tried to incorporate them if possible! I also tried to avoid guys who may have had a few good seasons and definitely stunk as Orioles late in their career, but were never really perennial stars in the first place (Lew Ford, Colby Rasmus, etc) Onto the OF and DH, and stay tuned next week for pitchers! LF: Tim Raines, 2001 The lightning-fast Hall of Famer and 7-time Expos All Star has perhaps the most heart warming story on this list, staving off retirement to play
  8. And he somehow managed to play for THREE more teams (Phillies, Reds, Mets) AFTER his second stint with the Os 😬
  9. Vlad wasn't great in Baltimore, and it was borderline painful watching him run the bases, but he did bat .290 over 560+ at-bats with 30 doubles, which is actually pretty impressive for a final season (though he only walked 17 times
  10. In honor of "King" Felix Hernandez' spring fling with the Braves (a low-risk move I actually would've liked to see the Orioles make), I thought it would be fun to come up with an Orioles All-Time "Last Gasp" Team. That is, a hypothetical roster of formerly great players who tried to squeeze one or two more seasons of big league glory out in Baltimore, usually with sobering results. A few of these cases are so infamous that they're obvious choices, Sammy Sosa being the poster boy. Others are up for debate. I tried to choose players who (A) had long, successful careers in the MLB (B) came t
  11. Does anyone know if the season ticket replay program has been updated? I can't find any info on it online. In previous seasons you could trade in an unused ticket for a future game for $1 or $2. I didn't go to my season plan game last night (thank goodness) and I want to try to use that ticket tonite. Any accurate info is appreciated.
  12. That whole "definition of insanity" thing is absolutely ridiculous: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/in-therapy/200907/the-definition-insanity-is
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