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  1. Went to Fanfest. There was good and bad. If you want to see some pictures, I post them for public view every year on Facebook. I'm listed as Carl Lamy. I'm the one with the avatar wearing the O's jersey. There were a lot of people. Seemed like a really big crowd today. Maybe it wasn't bigger than usual, but it seemed as if it was. Free stuff giveaway was great. Oriole hat with Md flag brim, 3 teeshirts, what looked like a pet calendar, wiffle ball and bat. But an O's employee told me the line was so long it took like an hour. HOLY SMOKES! No way did I do that. I went
  2. Anyone who thinks Mark Trumbo belongs on a list of bad Orioles outfielders doesn't remember Floyd "Honey Bear" Rayford patrolling left field and propelling a sure out off his glove and over the fence for a home run, or the graceful ballet that was Jim Traber. Yep, "The Whammer" was an Orioles outfielder, and that went about as well as it sounds.
  3. Alex Rodriguez, who was made to sit out a full year of baseball for taking steroids. Pete Rose, who is banned from admission into the Hall of Fame for betting on sports while in the MLB. Am I the only one who thinks that it was possible for FOX to find a big name player with a knowledge of the game who has not brought shame to his profession? Sorry if this was discussed before, but I just found out about this when I tuned in to the game.
  4. I believe next year is JJ Hardy's last guaranteed year under contract (there is an option year). Start playing Mancini at 3rd in Norfolk, see what happens. There are a lot of guys who play 1st and third. If he can handle it, next year he comes up, DHs, plays some 1st, plays some 3rd while Manny slides over to SS, and the year after that Manny is your SS and Mancini is your 3rd baseman.
  5. I have voted for those whom I think should be in 20 times, now I'm starting with my "all Orioles" ballots.
  6. Looking at the video it seems clear Trumbo was going at KC as well. How long will Trumbo's suspension be, because I bet he gets one. Also, would the O's play some tricks to make sure that the two wouldn't have to serve their suspensions at the same time, like appealing Manny's but not appealing Trumbo's?
  7. I actually missed the brawl. I was out hunting where Flaherty's homerun hit when the brawl started. By the time I got to the flagcourt, it was all over except for guys standing around on the field. Here's where Flaherty's homerun landed:
  8. Keira Knightley becomes the new Orioles mascot, and must attend the game in my King's Skybox, wearing a Princess Leia slave costume. That is all.
  9. I think Ortiz' last game at Fenway is going to be really toughing, with his Pharmacologist and all the hypodermic syringe manufacturers crying.
  10. I've heard the problem is that earlier Gallardo was talking to a newspaper reporter about the upcoming Collective Bargaining talks between the Player's Union and the Owners and Gallardo told the reporter "I don't believe a baseball player should bend over for anyone". And then he found out the physical included a prostate exam, and things got really complicated.
  11. Getting very far off topic, in regards to memory, Dick Cavett tells an interesting story. When he had a show, Dick Cavett once had show where one of his guests died during the taping. The show was never televised, because, you know, someone died during it. The only people that saw the event happen were the show's cast and the 100 or so odd audience members in attendance. But he says people come up to him every year and tell him that they remember seeing the guy die on his show. Of course, when he asks them I they were in the studio they say they weren't, which means they didn't see it happen,
  12. First, if anyone wants to see pictures from Fanfest. I post them for public viewing on my Facebook page. Just look up Carl Lamy, I'm the guy in the Icon wearing the O's gear My day at Fanfest: Had an 11:00 A.M. entrance ticket, got there at 10:15 A.M. and the line was definitely shorter than it has been for many years. They let us in 10 minutes early - hooray! I got a $5 picture with Dylan Bundy. I've gotten stuff with him before. He was definitely more approachable and communicative this year. In past years he either didn't say anything, or just said hello. This year he asked me what I wou
  13. In a bid to bring in more people from the "Laugh-In" demographic, a combined Vance and Jo-Anne Worley bobblehead set.
  14. I went to the game on Saturday to get the knit hat, which is really great, btw. I was handed an Early Bird schedule for next year (as an aside we are starting the year against Minnesota April 4th at home and Fan Fest isn't being held at the stadium, which is a bit of a disappointment). Any way, displayed prominently on the schedule are pictures of Jones, Hardy, Britton and Machado. No free agents like Davis or O'Day, so I assume they wanted to stay away from the "laugh-factor" of putting a guy on the 2016 schedule who ended up not being on the team in 2016. My point is, if we are trying the "
  15. I started this thread with the personal belief that, as the team basically did enough to entertain me until the last 14 games of the season, that the season could be viewed as a success because, well, all I expect a baseball team to do is provide me with entertainment. But man, those last 3 games in Boston have really changed my attitude. I usually don't make a decision about broad ideas based on a small sample, but there was nothing about those 3 games that was good to watch. Right now I guess I am undecided. If the O's play like that for the last week I will have to slide over to the failu
  16. Of course, your question does look a little into what my opening thought was: there are lots of ways for a team to be successful. It isn't just wins and losses, although that is a good metric to use. Rather, since they are an entertainment, does getting as close as they have to making the payoffs as late in the season as they have - does keeping the casual fan interested for basically the entire regular season - make this season a successful endeavor for an entertainment franchise, which has as its main goal the making of a profit by entertaining its fan base? The reason I've brought the sub
  17. I was talking to a man at a farm stand yesterday about the Orioles. He was genuinely interested in whether or not they would make the playoffs. This got me thinking. Since baseball is part of the entertainment industry, and here we are with 10 games left to play in the regular season, and there re non-obsessed fans who are interested in the team (that is, they are being entertained), is this a successful season? I think it has to be seen as successful. Many fans define successful for a sports team as keeping them interested throughout the season. And for baseball that usually means "playing
  18. Yep, I assume the guy was putting a team-sponsored foreign substance on his writs. Of course, you are correct that it could have been merely lotion, but it also could be something else. I'm betting since relievers were getting up, he was "getting ready" to pitch by putting a beneficial foreign substance on his wrist. I assume the bathroom had a door, I couldn't see it. I wasn't being pervy and looking at him in the bathroom. I had looked down, seen the mirror and sink, and was wondering to myself why they would have Barbasol at the stadium when the guy walked in. All you could see from my van
  19. I went to the game last night because it was $10 night against the BoSox. The are now selling a nice selection of New Era Orioles hats with the Maryland flag as part of the decoration. There is a new good-looking one that is a black cap with the flag on the bill. Jonathan Schoop's ops is good at 828, but he only has 9 walks. I guess it is all coming from getting multi-base hits. I was standing at the bullpen area when the BoSox starter got pulled. Relievers started getting up. One went into the bullpen bathroom, and from where I stood I could see a sink/mirror in the bathroom. The shelf in
  20. Everything is about context. Chris Davis 2015 is really kind of irreplaceable. Chris Davis 2014, completely replaceable. 2013, irreplaceable. 2012, decent, but replaceable. We're looking into the future, and trying to guess what value the team can get with a multi-year deal for Chris Davis. Is one where the outcome is that he is irreplaceable every other year good enough? No one can know if that is going to be the result of a multi-year deal, of course, but it has been the case for 2 2-year cycles now.
  21. This, in part, is what struck me about how amateurish KC acted. And the players must know it If KC had been hitting grand slam home runs they would have been smacking their chests, and lord knows what else. The O's hit back to back home runs and certainly celebrated, especially in their dugout, but their behavior could only be described as restrained when considering what the KC players would have been doing. And in the face of this the KC manager has the gall to order his pitcher to hit Davis? Why? Because he didn't like our quiet professionalism? And you saw the KC pitcher apologize to Dav
  22. I certainly don't want to hijack a thread with something off-topic...BUT... I can't talk for everyone, naturally. I can only talk for myself. But I like getting autographs. Luke Scott telling my what his favorite hitters park is and why. Adam Eaton telling me what his favorite park to pitch in is and why. Adam Jones thanking me for showing up to get his autograph, and then years later telling me he remembers signing for me before. Kam Mickolio talking to me about how the drying agent effects his pitching. Jim Palmer looking flat out surprised when I put a 20-year-old poster in front of him t
  23. My friend who works at Leidos invited me to sit in the Leidos skybox at Leidos Fireld at Ripken Stadium tonight, so I went. First, the stadium is very nice - a sort-of miniature version of Camden Yards. Same brick and green iron construction material, a long brick building in the outfield (a hotel in left field instead of a warehouse in right field), down to the same name signs and graphics on the name plates on the outside of the luxury boxes. When we got to the stadium they let us in, but they had to rip our tickets because they were suffering through a power outage, and nothing was workin
  24. I have a friend who works at Leidos, and he is taking me to my first ever game at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen. Is there anything that I should look for specifically? Maybe a hamburger on a glazed doughnut bun, or Morganna the Kissing Bandit, or Billy Ripken working as a groundskeeper and trading autographs for packages of Big League Chew?
  25. I didn't have a ticket, so I wanted to get down to the stadium at Noon, figuring it might take me 40 mins or so to buy a ticket. I had gone to Buck Showalter Garden Gnome day, and had seen people walking in 1 hour before game time and still getting garden gnomes, so I figured if I got into the park an hour before game time I would get a shirt. I dithered getting to the light rail, so I didn't get to the box office window until 12:15. There was no line, so I walked right up. The game was sold out. So I waited until one hour before game time, 12:35, and sure enough, tickets became available.
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