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  1. Jeff Stone. I guaranty that no other Oriole ever had higher urine levels of Marijuana Metabolite than Jeff Stone - EVER! It is hard to be the best, but he did it.
  2. Just wait for the second coming of Brandon Webb. Some guy who KNOWS his shoulder or elbow is trashed and is more than willing to accept $15 million to sit and have his Major League Baseball insurance pay for his reconstructive surgery, and has just enough pain tolerance to fool the guys giving him the physical. He'll accept a qualifying offer faster than you can blink.
  3. Does anyone else but me think that the O's haven't signed Nick Markakis yet because they are waiting until after the Rule V draft to do so, that way they have two extra 40 man spots - Chris Davis' and Nick Markakis'? I could be wrong, of course, but it wouldn't surprise me if Nick and the O's actually have mostly come to an arrangement, that they just haven't ironed out the details and signed yet, and Nick is okay with that as it not only helps his team, but gives him another 2 weeks for some other team to decide they want him and give a better offer that he could then take back to the O's in
  4. I don't know if you did what I did, but it is possible to get fooled. When someone said there were tickets available for game 1 I went to Orioles.com and went to the postseason tickets section. It read that there were no more tickets available to the public. Then a half an hour later someone posted that they had just bought tickets for game 1, so I went back and read the ticket page, which says that there are no tickets available to to the public, but that I can press a "continue" button (or some such word) and look to see if any tickets were available, and sure enough they were. You have to
  5. I just bought 2 tickets for game 2 left field upper reserve, $100 each. I'm going to a game!
  6. The problem with the pie throwing is how it is done. This is the 21st Century. What is up with the manual pie throwing? It is embarrassing! Do you think in New York they wold use 19th Century pie throwing technology? We need to modernize - automated pie throwers that can be actuated remotely via an Android device. If we keep living in the past, ball players are going to start thinking we're a bunch of hicks. Don't think it isn't going to happen. If we don't modernize I'll bet a ballplayer one day will tell the media that we're a horse town. Just wait - it'll happen!
  7. I'm not sure that this is what the record would show. I listened to Wall to Wall Baseball on the radio after the game last night. Dave Johnson talked about this play. He said that Buck talked about the play after the game and Buck said that the set-up to the play was that Flaherty had told Hardy before the play that he (Flaherty) was being positioned far into the hole between 1st and 2nd and so he wasn't sure that he could make it to 2nd on a groundball for the force. The implication here is that Flaherty believed that Hardy should look primarily to go to 1st on a groundball. Also, according
  8. Nice article/interview with Jim Palmer in the NYTimes "30 Seconds with Jim Palmer." http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/09/sports/baseball/30-seconds-with-jim-palmer.html?action=click&contentCollection=Baseball&region=Footer&module=MoreInSection&pgtype=article
  9. At 6:30 P.M. I logged on to the Mint website, there was a one minute wait line. I waited, and I order the silver proof $1 coin, but I got it as a BACKORDER. I'm assuming that means that the first minting was already sold out in 6 hours. I'm also assuming that if they sell it as a backorder that I'm guaranteed to get it, but I guess I'll wait and see. This was obviously pretty popular.
  10. The U.S. Mint, www.usmint.gov, for the first time is producing a convex/concave dome-shaped coin that "looks" like a baseball to honor the Hall of Fame. I just got an advert in the mail. It looks kind of cool. There is a gold coin for those that want to pay gold prices, and a silver coin. I think I'm going to buy the silver dollar coin, and leave the gold five dollar coin for folks with more disposable income than I.
  11. I remember hearing a televised interview with Dan Duquette where he said one of the things the O's were looking at in terms of acquiring good players who other teams undervalued were players who were a year removed from an injury because it often takes a player a full year to return to form from a serious injury. Who knows, maybe they think that he is ripe for a return because of this.
  12. I am going to respond to your post, but first I want to acknowledge that you are 100% correct in stating that there are a LOT of lines. I stood in line for autogrpahs, for two pictures, for some popcorn and nuts, for giveaways and for game gear. Heck, there was a ridiculously long line for the free Powerade samples and Utz potato chip bags! And standing in line isn't much as far as "fan experience" goes. I have a different take on it all, however. I go to Fanfest, not so much for the forums or the giveaways, autographs or photo opportunities. I go because I like communing with fellow O's fans
  13. I got into line at 10:15 A.M. The line wound around the block. There were so many people that people didn't know if they were in the 10:00 A.M. early entrance line or the 11:00 A.M. regular entrance line. A lot of people were confused about that. I got in around 11:20 A.M. (I was waiting for my Niece) and went straight to the Memorabilia Sales room. It was packed with people, as always. I didn't find anything I wanted. I talked to a guy who said that the giant posters they hang outside at the stadium and usually sell for $20.00 were sold out by the time he got into the room at 10:30 A.M. The
  14. I will be there, 3rd year in a row with my Niece. Two years ago Frobby was nice enough to meet me outside of the iced-over Convention Center to provide me with early-entrance tickets for myself and my Niece, although she was running late so he never got to meet her. He was wearing a very cool Frobby Orioles jersey that day if I remember correctly. I just bought two tickets, and under autograph vouchers it says information will be available soon, and there is no opportunity to buy autograph vouchers. So for now I just have tickets. I too expect attendance to be down from last year, but I supp
  15. The AM signal travels much farther than FM, as mentioned above, but there are limits to the AM signal created by the actual way the signal is broadcast. WBAL focuses its signal East, West and North. That is why I can pick up Orioles baseball on WBAL in Norfolk Virginia when I'm visiting my Sister way down South in the summertime, but I can't hear the game through the static as close as New Market just West of Baltimore. I've read about this in the past, and if my memory serves me, it has something to do both with what WBAL believes to be the selling area for its advertisers, and with FCC lic
  16. I saw Brooks Robinson's last home run. Everyone says they were there (the place was almost empty that night) but I really was there. Eating popcorn out of the cone-shaped cardboard containers that you could turn into a megaphone after the popcorn was eaten. Taking a French girl to a baseball game and explaining the game to her while I watched Cal Ripken Jr. play against George Brett. Getting tacos sold to me by Tippy Martinez from the stand he ran during Stallions games. Watching the entire New England Patriots team hang their heads and collectively give up after Joe Washington ran for a t
  17. With any controversial call I always go with the "how does the player involved react" rule of thumb. On the O's the guy who always seems to complain the least is Matt Wieters, and I've seen him get peeo'd about calls now and then - it is simply the nature of the competative human. I watched that play, and I didn't see Longoria say or do anything that made it look like he vigorously disagreed with the Ump's call. Maybe he isn't a complainer, but like I said, even non-complainers like Wieters will get caught up if the call is, in his estimation, bad enough. I'm willing to bet Longoria doesn't
  18. Look, there are realistically only a couple of reasons why Markakis is having a spine problem right now: 1) It is self-inflicted. Everybody knows that every time he has a bad at-bat he smashes himself across the back with his bat. We should just be glad he didn't wallop himself in the head instead. But really, who would do something like that? 2) He is of Greek heritage, and like all good men of Greek heritage at some point in his life he has to go out and fight the Kraken, and recently as he battled the Kraken he hurt his back because he was cursed by Echidna, the Greek Goddess of all monst
  19. Buck was talking about the players, and said that the players talk about their fellow MLBers and often say things along the lines of "So-and-so is a really good player, but really wouldn't fit in here because he doesn't do so-and-so", or "he doesn't like playing a certain way." Jim Thome still has stuff in his locker, including a Cleveland Indians jersey. JJHardy had a "Best New Oriole" crystal trophy on top of his locker, and a JJ Hardy tribute poster framed at the bottom of his locker. A bunch of players had Frank Robinson statues on top of their lockers. Ryan Flaherty had what looked li
  20. To piggyback on what Frobby reported earlier, when Buck was talking about the overhead view camera that was installed to see what everyone was doing when they were running the bases and fielding, Buck said that it was something that Mr. Angelos allowed to be installed, which means it was Buck who asked for it to be installed. Really? It wasn't until a couple of years ago that the O's were interested in seeing what the players were really doing when fielding and running the bases? That's crazy. Chris Davis walked past me - he is really tall. He has to be 6'5" or 6'6" at least. Then Tommy Hunte
  21. These extensions are HORRIBLE ideas. Showalter is 56, Duquette is 54, both on the wrong side of 50. Past their primes, both are bound to regress. Showalter is on a walk year after coming off injuries that required 2 surguries. Duquette is being extended after a career year in team win turn-around numbers, and he wasn't even playing in the majors the previous year. I doubt if either is going to be worth their salaries in the last 2 years of their contracts. They'll be albatrosses around the neck of this franchise for years. After all, we're a mid-market team. We can't afford to trhrow our m
  22. Man, there are sooo many. Here, I've pulled up O's rosters from 1986 to 1990 (I didn't even go back into the 50s and 50s to find the truly forgettable). See if anyone even remembers what positions these men played: 1986 Tom O'Malley 1987 Dave van Gorder 1988 Wade Rowdon 1989 Francisco Melendez 1990 Dorn Taylor For my part, I recognize only the name Francisco Melendez as familiar. I would have had no idea why I recognized the name if someone had asked me.
  23. I think everyone here is missing the boat. Clearly, the three-team-trade idea is the one that is happening:boogie: and who is at the Yards tonight? Baltimore, San Diego and Oakland! So, obviously there is a three-team-trade brewing between those three teams. Quick, who can come up with a feasible trade scenario consisting of players swapping between those three teams (I'm horrible with that kind of stuff, so I'm not going to try). *Note* If this ACTUALLY happens, remember that you heard it here first!
  24. I was at the game tonight. Yes, the tape measure home run was very impressive, as was the single to left to drive in a run in the second. What was not so impressive was the bunt single for Oakland in the 1st. The batter dragged it down the first base line, Davis hesitated for a split second, then decided Chen couldn't reach it and broke in for it, leaving no one at first and Andino trying to race the hitter to first. Chen fielded the ball, looked up, saw Davis in no man's land and no one at first and put the ball in his pocket. Really not a good play at all by Davis. I think he looks good on
  25. I think the telling thing here is that there are over 5.8 million people living in Maryland according to the latest Census, and the plate for out MLB team maxes out at 9,999. And, I wonder how many they'll actually sell. I bet they would have figured out how to allow for more digits if we had been contending for the last 14 years. That said, I can hardly wait for Friday, even if I can't be at the game. Radio and television are wonderful things.
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