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  1. Back in the 80s I saw two orchestra's combine into one massive orchestra to play Rimsky-korsakov's "Capriccio Espanol." There were so many musicians that they spilled out into the theater, literally surrounding the audience with sound.
  2. Gosh, if that was the dunbest comment on this forum, we haven't been trying hard enough. I can come up with a dumber comment easy: Diana Chiafair is the biggest bust in franchise history.
  3. Please, this isn't even the good quote from Hank Steinbrenner. The part where he whines about having to pay too much luxury tax is the good part: "Steinbrenner also said baseball's revenue sharing and luxury tax programs need changes, and that Commissioner Bud Selig is open to the idea. Steinbrenner said he doesn't know what the final figure is, but expects the Yankees' 2010 payments for the two to total about $130 million. "We've got to do a little something about that, and I know Bud wants to correct it in some way," Steinbrenner said. "Obviously, we're very much allies with the Red Sox a
  4. Buck decides to bring in some celebrities to give pep talks, but unfortunately has left the details to subordinates. Lindsay Lohan pops up from out of a cake, which everyone loves, but she is unfortunatley stoned and steals necklaces from all the gold-chain wearing players. Mel Gibson comes in drunk and screams racial and religious epithets at everyone. David Hasselhoff walks in, falls down and tries to eat a hamburger off of the floor. The whole event is so terrifying it acts as a "scared straight" incident, and no O's player is ever again accused of taking a restricted or illegal medicat
  5. Saw this on Jen Royale's blog today: "It was a lazy Saturday until a little birdie told me Adam LaRoche was, in fact, offered the three years he was seeking from the Orioles, as I had initially reported. Now I hear the deal is worth at least $15 million and could be between $16-18 million or more. " So, if true, we'll see if he accepts it or not. Also, if true, I should think that it means there is no way we are bidding on Beltre, unless we are getting rid of/trading someone.
  6. I've seen many MLB players make this gesture, but I don't know what it means. If someone who has played ball can tell me what this means I will be grateful: After a player gets on base, he takes his arm and waves it over his head. He is usually looking into the dugout when he does so. Mostly when I've seen a player do it (for some reason I've mostly seen Tejada and Izturis make this gesture with this particular addition) their hand is shaped as if they are holding a ball, like a 5-fingered claw. I saw a Texas Ranger player in today's playoff game wave his arm over his head after he hit a do
  7. Boog went to the radio booth during a pre-gaim rain delay this season and sat down for a chat during which Boog mentioned how he was able to put together the BBQ stand with the help of a guy that worked for Aramark, whom he had met at a charity golf tournament. So, who knows what involvement Aramark has with the BBQ stands.
  8. I would do a statue of Brooks in the broadcast booth, and I would make it an audio-capable statue so that passers-by could listen to Brooks mispronounce Rick Burleson's name, over and over. Plus, one could listen to the commercial for, what was it, All-Star Dodge?
  9. Mr. James and Mr. Crash (or, is that Mr. Mr. Crash?), How can you support a baseball team wearing French Foreign Legion hats without the cool neck flap in the back, and the best feature about the rainbow uniforms for the Astros was that you could adjust the color knob on your color television by matching the colors of the rainbow. Indefensible.
  10. What were the worst Baseball uniforms ever to disgrace a diamond. My votes: 1) The Pittsburgh Pirates uniforms of the 70s with their attrocious mustard color and box hats 2) The rainbow Houston Astros uniforms of the 70s 3) Chisox and their dark blue shorts - what were they thinking? The reason I've put this as an O's thread is because someone is going to say the O's and their orange jerseys, but I am going to defend the orange jerseys. They were very different (how many teams have black jerseys, dodger blue jerseys and/or red jerseys - EVERYONE!) and since the color is linked to the state
  11. Ten years ago I was an adult chaparone for a group of kids from my church that went to a weekend-long event at some Lutheran church or the other. Scott McGregor was there as a speaker, and told us all that, anyone there that didn't share his particular set of beliefs was doomed. It made one of the girls in my group cry, and she asked me if it was true that she was doomed. I told her no, that it was just what Scott McGregor believed to be true, and that he didn't have a direct pipeline to the mind of God. I never really liked him much after that.
  12. I saw Brooks Robinson hit his last homerun. It was the bottom of the tenth, O's were tied with Cleveland, my Dad and I both decided we should hang around to let the traffic clear out of Memorial Stadium. Two guys get on, Brooks comes in as a pinch hitter and bop, he hits a blast into left field for the 10-7 win. I've heard Brooks on several interviews. He says people always tell him they were there to see that, but I actually was.
  13. Baseball is entertainment. It isn't about winning or losing - after all, how are any of our lives actually altered by whether or not the O's win or lose? Do our children learn more if the O's win? Do our mortgage payments become smaller? Or our food become better for us? It's about being entertained, and we are far more entertained if we have a team doing the right things to get better competing against great AL East teams than we are moving to a weaker division and "competing" against weaker teams. If you want to see a weak team compete equally against other weak teams, go to Bowie or F
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