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  1. Isn't it kind of hard to hire people who don't want back in baseball, or aren't ready to return yet. Cal said he wants to wait until his son graduates, but I guess Ken R. knows more about Cal then the man himself! Plus if he would look, we do have several former Orioles working with the team, Palmer, Flannagan, Bordick etc.
  2. "If" this story is true, there has to be more to it. I refuse to believe we have fallen that far.
  3. :clap3: for those who booed. It is showing the team and organization that the ways of the past 10+ years are done. Now is the time to step up or look for employment else where
  4. I think it waill have something to do with Ripken or Mcphail leaving.
  5. Has nothing to do with the game... but yes they signed Boldin to a 4yr deal
  6. Agreed, having the 3 of them is better then having Holliday and 1 of them in the future.
  7. I wouldn't even think about an A. Gonzalez trade unless we have him agree to an extension first. We are not at the point in the "Plan" where we can start renting players. If we were going to contend next year, I'm all for it. Otherwise, why do we trade for him and waste our young core?
  8. I say Bill Ripken should replace him
  9. So true, we don't "need" to trade him. So if they want him that bad they can step up
  10. Why not just sign Prince Fielder when he is a FA? It's more likely Adrian will be traded to the Red Sox's this winter.
  11. Honestly, no closer gets into trouble as much as he does.
  12. I saw on ESPN early this morning that the Rocco to the Sox deal could be announced today.
  13. I like it also, he is far better then anyone we have besides Guthrie. Orioles fans need to stop always looking at the negative.
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