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  1. One more thing about Junior Lara, then I'll shut up. I noticed when he wasn't in centerfield, he was in right. So not only can he hit, he's fast, and he's got a right fielder's arm. That's what we used to call a 5 tool player. There were 2 standout 19 year old pitchers, Morillo and Vasquez. Both right handed starters. They were on different teams. The only 17 year old pitcher of note was Deivy Cruz a smallish lefthander, $200,000 bonus. But as I recall he had more strikeouts than innings.
  2. Good to see speedy centerfielder Prado in action. I agree with Frobby, I would think speedy 17 year old Junior Lara would have been on my Instructs team. I think the biggest omission is 18 year old Orioles 2 shortstop Frederick Benscome. He carried the team to a respectable 25 and 30 record. Batting left handed he hit .310/.365.451. 6 doubles, 4 triples, 2 homers, 10 for 13 steals. 18 Ks in 142 at bats. Hits the ball in the air 60% of the time. He played a little 3rd too.
  3. Hey Sportsfan; Thank you for the compliments. So there are 3 DSL guys in Florida now. 17 year old Samuel Basallo received $1.3 million. The biggest bonus of the Elias Era. He was expected to sign with the Yankees. He was very good batting .239/.338/.410 for a .748 OPS. 5 homers, 8 doubles. Now in Instructional League. Led Orioles 1 in homers and RBIs 17 year oldShortstop Maikol Hernandez received $1.2 million. He hit .231/.340/.308 for a .647 OPS. No homers, only 4 for 7 in steals. He is in the Instructional League so they still believe in him. 17 year old 3rd base
  4. I was "ALL IN" until the Draft. That's when I lost interest in the "Rebuild I'm content to just wait until the Short season leagues resume playing. And we'll have an all new class of Internationals to enjoy and post about. I'll continue to watch for your posts, Mr Solicitor.
  5. I'm sure Peralta must be protected in the Rule 5 Draft. He signed in 2013 and he's at least 25.
  6. HEY RZNJ !! This is how I THINK it goes. I don't claim any inside information. These kids play each other in the Dominican Prospect League. Ages 14, 15, 16 maybe 17 maybe 18. Scouts from all 30 teams are invited to attend. Probably all these kids already have an an agent/trainer. The agents negotiate with the MLB scouts. If they reach a verbal agreement the kid quits working out for the other 29 teams. If all goes well both sides sign on July 2nd of the year the player turns 16. Unfortunately, there's a very ugly underside to the process, Frequently the MLB team w
  7. Connor Norby is probably your future 2nd baseman. I suspect every pitch and every at-bat are logged and recorded in the DSL just as they are in here in the Majors and Minors. That's how the Orioles found Pinto, Deson and others.
  8. Bencosme was a total unknown. He was signed after the July 2, 2019 class but before the Jan 15, 2021 class. I don't think the Orioles had hardly any bonus pool money left. So I think he got a small bonus. The minimum bonus that's allowable is $10,000. Jean Pinto got $10,000 from the Angels cause he was already 18 and in a poor bargaining position. I don't know how, but the Braves have signed a large really nice power hitting rightfielder for $10,000 in the last 2 international classes while under spending limitations.
  9. Orioles Park at Camden Yards 2021 : 100 % is league average Camden Yards: 101 % singles 100 % doubles 91 % triples the small ballpark keeps triples down 141% home runs. obviously the small left and right fields 114 % runs 98 % walks
  10. Pitcher: Jean Pinto. FCL Orioles Black, Delmarva Shorebirds. Position: Shortstop Frederick Bencosme. DSL Orioles 2. An up and coming good hitter, error prone shortstop. Showed power and speed in his first pro season. Listed at 6' 160 lbs. Bats left.
  11. The problems are the cheap home runs in left and especially right field. It does make for exciting, high scoring games that should draw viewers and stadium crowds. When I had MASN I enjoyed all the scoring, knowing the game was always in doubt.
  12. waynebug

    Coby Mayo

    Just named baseball America's #4 Florida complex league prospect. Still questions he will stay at 3rd.
  13. Acevedo and the other 2018 signees played 2019 in the DSL at age 17. Thanks to Covid time off he played the FCL 2021 at age 19. So 2 years more mature. Same for the 3rd baseman Ramirez another 2018 signee The 2019 signees played this year at age 19 in DSL or FCL. Many were rushed to Florida to fill out the 2 teams. Their 1st pro season and they had no DSL experience and they stunk. I'm thinking about the biggest 2019 bonus signings.. $400,000 shortstop who couldn't play short or hit. The 2021 signees showed a lot better. They all played in the DSL. I like that mysel
  14. Yes that 's what my dumb ass saw. I almost never wear my glasses because my covid mask fogs them up. I thought I was seeing completed architecture, not some architects drawings.
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