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  1. It was a serious comp on my part. ChuckS made the comp in the draft thread.
  2. Because they get pulled out of school and play baseball full time. That's what the Buscones are for.
  3. I don't think it's a good sign for the system as a whole when so many current draftees are ranking this high. These kids barely got to play this year and it seems as if they are making the list because they haven't had a chance to shows the flaws in their game.
  4. Was Mountcastle playing third when he was called up?
  5. I think I remember reports being that he got a lot stronger this year. With the ML ball being what it is he might hit for an acceptable about of power.
  6. Elias is trying to run a rebuild under whatever constraints ownership puts on him.
  7. I think Mancini plays first if he's able to play in the field. I'm not at all certain that Mountcastle would be better served at first.
  8. Sure suites are great if you can sell them but teams have moved to "better spots" before and as I just said, long term it doesn't seem to make a significant improvement in attendance. I know I have no interest in driving to Ybor to see a game.
  9. I think he's more of a candidate to be traded. (I think they keep him).
  10. I can't think of a single situation in which a new stadium was a long term fix for attendance problems. Aren't the Twins drawing about what they did in the Metrodome? Aren't the Indians drawing about what they used to at the mistake at the lake? We know what happened with the Marlins. The closest I can think of is the Giants, and they would break 2M in a good year at Candlestick so can you even say they had an attendance problem?
  11. Does anyone think that if that downtown Ybor stadium were to magically appear for opening day 2021 that the Rays will be a healthy franchise by 2025?
  12. It isn't "the" reason. The situation isn't that simple that it can be boiled down to a single cause.
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