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  1. Ah...nevermind. We will see who's still around in 3-5 years per the Eilias/Hyde plan.
  2. Pretty much an insult to J.D. Martinez & the nicest thing ever said about Stevie Wilkerson.
  3. alaniee

    Nick Markakis

    Possibly on his way to a 3,000 hit career. Bill James has it at 28% possibility right now which is a pretty high number for getting 3,000 hits. Keep it up Nick! Too bad it wasn't with the Orioles all the way. Nick would have been a nice mainstay in RF for many years.
  4. This has gotten really sad real fast. We got lucky in the first inning, reality hitting us now. What in the world happened to Tillman in 2-3 years.. just wow.
  5. Craig Gentry had the #1 defensive play of MLB's opening week. Flaherty would not be doing anything for us if we had him. We had him for years and he didn't do much. Thank you Atlanta.
  6. Are the Baltimore Orioles & Ravens in similiar scenarios?? Pretty much if the Ravens miss the playoffs again next year, Harbaugh will not be around. GM Ozzie Newsome has already announced his retirement after next season. If the Orioles fail to make the playoffs again.... Will Buck's contract be renewed? I doubt it. GM Dan Duquette, what's his contract? Up after the season? If not, will he be fired if the O's miss the playoffs? Pretty sad for Baltimore right now.... Thoughts?
  7. Since Buck at FanFest, confirmed that Manny will be playing SS and Beckham will be playing 3B, what are y'alls thoughts? http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/22233464/baltimore-orioles-play-manny-machado-ss-move-tim-beckham-3b Is it possible that this is the Orioles attempt to "up" Manny's trade value since SS's are generally considered more valuable than 3B? Trying to make Manny "happy" by giving him SS since it's what he's wanted all along? Thoughts?
  8. I doubt Donaldson will have a great year. I believe he's on the decline for some reason. Just my gut feeling, I don't see him having the beast years he had a few years ago. He's been injured and for some reason I feel that will continue. Who knows, he will go on to have a beast year! Hope not though... Manny on the other hand, I am confident he will continue to put up the same numbers he usually does. 150+ hits, 30+ HR, close to 100 RBIs Really wish a miracle would happen and we could sign Manny to a long term contract. highly doubtful as we all know but who knows. We c
  9. OK, I admit I don't know much about the "rules" and "arbitration". Britton injured and gets 12 million. Manny at 16 million. Eh
  10. I was expecting it to be more..... Josh Donaldson got 23 million. Manny at 16 million is great compared to that.
  11. Source about Manny??? Other sources are saying as of 2 hours ago, Orioles and Manny failed to agree. Now you're saying they agreed at 16 million. Sources?
  12. At least it meant Buck made a change to see if that would be better. Rather than stay pat and boom Grand Slam with a pitcher who didn't have it tonight. Oh well, just another loss to ponder.
  13. Givens didn't have it tonight. That was clear as the bases were loaded with 1 out. Better to give someone a chance than to someone who has shown he doesn't have it that night. Oh well, another blown opportunity by Buck to save the bullpen. Save it? For What? Who knows. Buck :-)
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