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  1. 7 minutes ago, forphase1 said:

    22M a year for Gausman?  I know he was much better last year, but that seem excessive.  Good for him, but that seems like crazy money.  

    He was also very good in 2020. Over the last 2 seasons his mlb rank for those throwing 200+ innings.


    251 2/3IP (10th)

    3.00 ERA (9th)

    3.02 FIP (4th)

    3.22 xFIP (6th)

    10.94 k/9 (6th)

    6.4 fWAR (6th)

  2. You do not wait until the year you're ready to compete to start filling out a roster with FA. If you do that, you're at the mercy of whatever talent that FA class has to offer and you have to over pay your targets because you can't afford to lose them. If the Orioles honestly believe they can compete in 2023, they should be actively pouncing on players to begin filling out the roster now and then filling in whatever other needs they have next off-season. 

  3. 14 hours ago, Pickles said:

    Two top 50.  Or go away.

    You might as well just says he's not available then. No one is going to give up that type of payment for a guy who has never pitched a full season, due to repeated arm fatigue, and has his peripherals. Yes, he's obviously underestimated by FIP and xFIP because they don't take into consideration quality of contact much in the way Kyle Hendricks is, but you're also talking about a guy who has posted a 4.26 ERA, 7.32 K/9 since the spider tack crack down on June 15th. There's too much uncertainty floating around him to warrant that kind of package. If  Robert Hassell and a back end of the Padre top 20 was available, I think that would be a really good haul considering those uncertainties. 

  4. Just about every single time an article gets posted here, someone goes on a rant about how it's terrible, it's lazy, the writer hates the Orioles, they don't know what they're talking about, etc. Not every article,  especially national articles,  need or want incredibly in depth analysis. 

    As far as an article about why the pitching is bad, the average baseball fan isn't nearly educated enough in advanced statistics to understand it, nor do most want to. You have to remember that 95+% of fans idea of advanced stats are OPS and whip, so taking the time to write these advanced articles that 5% of readers will even bother with is a waste of time.

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  5. On 7/30/2021 at 4:02 PM, bpilktree said:

    The Bryant trade is interesting in how much he got in return compared to what Manny returned.  The Cubs got Alexander Canario who was ranked as their number 10 prospect coming into season but was having a big year this season so would have moved up their list IMO.  He was a late international signing and only got 60k.   They also got Caleb Killian the Giants number 30 prospect in the deal.  Killian was a former Orioles draft selection as sophomore eligible guy out of college but we didn’t sign him.  He has been solid in minors but upside not super high.  You could say they got guys comparable to Diaz and Kramer and that is it.  We also got Pop, Bannon and Valera.

    I'm still not sure what to make of Kilian. He's absolutely destroying the minors this year. Has an absurdly low bb%, is 94-96 and touching 98. Has a put away secondary,  but the reviews are pretty bland. Clearly Hoyer sees something that isn't being reported. The results do not match the write ups at all.

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  6. 21 minutes ago, ArtVanDelay said:

    It’ll be weird if they don’t trade Bryant after trading the rest of the core.  Bryant was the one guy they HAD to trade.

    I wonder if they're set on extending him. They have an enormous amount of money available to grab a Correa/Story type. 

  7. Just now, Moose Milligan said:

    Picking myself up off the floor after the Madrigal news.  Didn't see that one coming at all.  Terrible, terrible move and I hope the White Sox die in the World Series in the 7th game on a homer off Kimbrel.  

    I love it. Hoyer has killed it so far.

  8. 16 minutes ago, waynebug said:

    Cubs got 2 prime prospects for Rizzo.  Alcantara the outfielder and Vizcaiano (sp) the pitcher.  #11 and #14 in their deep systems

    Can't believe the Braves didn't make a better offer to texas than the Yankees.  Braves were leading until Yanks added more bodies

    How do the Yankees have so many international prospects ? They are always one of the lesser international budget pools.

    Still hoping someone overwhelms O's with offer for Fry.

    I was actually pretty surprised by how good the Rizzo haul was. I didn't think they'd get a 50 fv prospect let alone a 50 and 45.

  9. 18 minutes ago, Sports Guy said:

    Damn, the Mariners just got Abraham Toro from the Astros.  He was a guy I earmarked this past offseason as a blocked Ml ready third baseman to target.

    Yup a good haul for Graveman. Not a superstar, but a guy who could give you 3fWAR seasons for cheap.

  10. You guys are massively underestimating what it would take to get Ramirez. In his down year of 2019 he was worth 3.4 fwar, every other year since 2016 he has been worth at least, or on pace to exceed, 4.7 fwar. He has 2 very cheap club options in '22-23. He would certainly bring back multiple top 10 prospects and need a headliner like Grayson.

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Sports Guy said:

    Well as I said, I’m not considering the pitchers in this...Elias was never going to draft one.  Whether you agree with that (I personally do) or not isn’t the point.  He just wasn’t doing it.

    So, it’s Kjerstad vs Martin vs Gonzalez vs Veen.  That’s the discussion.  Gonzalez and Veen would have signed under slot too.  Martin wouldn’t have.  

    It's not that simple. What likely happened is that a certain $ amount was floated to a pool of players. A dollar amount that allowed him to make certain moves later in the draft as a strategy. For all we know, Kjerstad may have been the only one to agree. With that said, the general consensus, by a lot more than one site, is that Hjerstad is not up to the Martin,Lacy, Gonzales and maybe even Veen level, but he's not terribly far off and still a top 100-125 guy with a fairly low risk factor by prospect standards. 

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  12. 5 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:

    Because the Padres just acquired Ha-seong Kim to a four-year contract and now he most likely does not have a starting spot with them, Because of that, they might be inclined to move him if they think he has starter value around the league. 

    Even if he doesn't have a designated position, he'll still likely see 500PAs this year, especially with the notoriously fragile Pham. Unlike some in this thread have said, he certainly wont be cheap to acquire. 5 years of control for a guy who was on 4+fWAR pace last year is going to require a big impact player or top notch prospects.

  13. 18 hours ago, weams said:

    I feel that they got a good return as it was a salary deal.

    It was certainly disappointing as a fan because this means a rebuild is coming instead of the 1 or 2 year retool we thought was coming, but value wise I thought it was pretty good. 2 if not 3 of those prospects will be top 10 in the system by the asb and when added to cristian hernandez and Ed Howard the farm is pretty loaded at the lowest levels.

  14. I know they're young so everyone likes to use throw away terms like "lottery tickets" but 3 of the 4 prospects the Cubs got were in the Fantrax top 250 and several have said they may put Preciado in the top 100 as he has already surpassed Robert Puasson who was the #2 prospect in the 2019 international class. So yes they're very far off,but 3 of them have big impact upside albeit risky.

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  15. Really good haul. Patino is a stud, Hunt has tremendous helium where some are talking top 100, wilcox was a 1st round talent who slid due to questionable signability. I still believe Mejia will hit and Zunino is a great guy to mentor his defense to less awful or even passable.

  16. Almora's once highly praised CF defense has fallen off. He has always been a guy with average speed, but excellent jumps, but now even those jumps are just good. The defense no longer makes up for his terrible bat. It's an absolute shame to, because he was breaking out before the incident with the foul ball and the little girl. 

  17. 21 minutes ago, Sports Guy said:

    Well why NT him when you can likely can trade him for players?

    So your opinion is they're going to give away a 5fwar player and the draft pick attached to him through the QO all so they can save the salary and net a couple guys who have a sub 10% chance at ever sniffing the majors and a far lower chance at being an everyday player, even though they could have saved the money by non tendering him? By the way, the Cub payroll is already down considerably with Lester and Schwarber gone, so I don't think they're near as desperate as you think.

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