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  1. Not Cuba, but Venezuela, the Dominican, etc
  2. This is the kind of deal I could see Ian Happ moved in. Maybe Gausman+a small piece for Happ since Happ has 5 years left and Gausman 2.
  3. I think Bote is perfect for the Orioles, but they don't seem to want MLB ready guys. I'll admit I kind of want to keep Bote around so he can take Zobrist's role after next year. He's played really well this year.
  4. This is what is going to be hard for Baltimore. All the other teams have in roads with the trainers,with the handlers, and have baseball complexes for the kids to work out at. I don't know how much the handlers are going to trust a new team with no relationship just jumping in there. It might take a few years to start landing the big fish.
  5. Based on return the Os got from the Dodgers I don't think they want MLB ready guys and I knowing how ridiculously strenuous the medicals are you can definitely write off number of guys. Anyways, if I'm the Orioles I'm asking for Miguel Amaya 19 year old catcher in A ball who has a cannon for an arm and pitching framing beyond his years. He's also flashing quite a bit of power for a 19 year old already having 12HR. The 2nd prospect I go risky on and pick lefty Brailyn Marquez. I say risky only because he's a pitcher and he's pitching in short season A ball so he's still a ways away. With that
  6. You're missing the best guys. Miguel Amaya, Tyson Miller, Corey Abbott, David Bote, Brailyn Marquez, etc etc. There's more than enough to get a deal done.
  7. Almora had a family emergency and is on leave.
  8. Machado to LAD for May,Lux,DJ Peters Britton to CHC for Miguel Amaya and Corey Abbott Jones+money to CLE for Aaron Civale
  9. Cubs interested again. Hardly surprising as a dominant lefty reliever is probably the most needed piece on he team, if Darvish can ever get healthy.
  10. be careful using those 20/80 rankings. Some sites are incredibly slow to update them, if they ever do at all.Fangraphs is particularly bad at this
  11. While I would love that, giving international money to Baltimore is a waste of time and I have to imagine the Cubs would be forced to part ways with their new #1 prospect Miguel Amaya who is having quite the season for a 19 year old catcher in A ball.
  12. Last year Melky Cabrera put up a .285/.324/.423 line good for 17HRs and a .747OPS in 156 games. That gave him a grand total of -.2fWAR. In 2018 no one offered him a mlb job. He signed on a minor league deal to play with the Indians and then was cut a few weeks after he was promoted to the majors. While Jones may play better defense, the bat isn't any better and no one is interested in a sub 100wRC+ guy playing RF unless they're defensive monster which Jones is certainly not at this point.
  13. They stole that idea from a website I post on and we weren't talking about Machado we were talking about whether we'd give that up for Jacob Degrom. There is no way in hell the Cubs would be that stupid.
  14. I own him as well and should the Brewers not land Machado, I expect Hiura gets called up a week or so later.
  15. Hiura is going to hit, no doubt in my mind. He doesn't have a ton of pop though, you're looking at 20-25HRs in his best years unless he goes all Ozzie Albies on us. One thing that makes Hiura so enticing as that he has an extremely high floor. He doesn't have mega allstar ceiling. You're probably looking at .300/.360/.525 in his best seasons, He's also basically MLB ready which is why he ranks so high. You could plug him in tomorrow and he'd have some measure of success.
  16. Yeah, his demotion makes zero sense. You don't send down a guy with 2.25FIP. That's the 17th best FIP amongst all relievers. Between that and Colorado sending down Jon Gray, I'm starting to wonder what some of these GMs are doing.
  17. I"ve been here since Brian Roberts actually. What was that like 10 years ago at this point if not longer?
  18. Bregman was drafted #2 overall in the 2015 draft, if anyone put a 40 rating on him they are a true moron. My guess is most places had him as a 55 to 60 coming out of the draft. So I guess congratulations on thinking the #2 over pick was going to be good.
  19. If you're scouting by looking solely at the box scores and stats, then you're doing it very wrong.
  20. You need to stop using preaseason numbers to evaluate these guys. Their values can be completely different, for example Yordan Alvarez. Some had him top 100ish some didn't, but not some have him as high as in the top 30. There's a huge difference in value there.
  21. No reason to even discuss Whitley, you're not getting the #1 pitching prospect in baseball. These struggles you speak of cover an entire 21 innings during which he has a 3.24FIP and is striking out nearly 13 people per 9 innings. Anyways, Giles will be back soon, there was never a reason to send him down to begin with. The kid is sporting an incredibly good 2.25FIP to begin with.
  22. If Florial was only striking out something like 20% of the time with his upside, he'd be a top 10 prospect in the game and completely untouchable in a Machdo trade. He'd essentially be Victor Robles 2.0. Your expectations are completely unrealistic.
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