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  1. Okay, Iglesias is on second again' all is as it should be.
  2. Inglesias stopped at first base. I thought he wasn't allowed to hit singles?
  3. Man, the fake crowd noise is atrocious tonight.
  4. It's not 0.7 grams. It's 7 trillionths of a gram.
  5. 7 picograms of Oral T? How long ago did he take it? That's such a stupidly small amount that I'm going to guess that he ingested it in a past life.
  6. A lot the issue is unrealistic fan expectations regarding draft picks. Many seem to think that the hit percentage is many times larger than what it actually is. Or that we are terrible at drafting players, when statistically, we haven't really varied much from league average.
  7. The team is still doing surprisingly well in pitching recently. Of course, it doesn't help to average 2 runs allowed per game for a stretch if you'e not scoring at all.
  8. Must have forgotten than last game's home plate ump isn't back there anymore.
  9. Ugh. You're the home team down by one, late in the game, corners and one out? Lay your bat on the ground for that first pitch, it's going to be the worst pitch you see all week. Not the best approach there.
  10. I've always found it funny that they can precision-guide a baseball to within an inch of their attempted target 60.5 feet away 95% of the time, but if you ask them to throw it another distance / direction.... who knows where it's going to go?
  11. They'd have ranked us dead last even if we just won it all, it's just how they are. "Sure, on the surface, the Orioles just won the world championship, but underneath that champion's exterior lies a deeply flawed team that I suspect will go on a fifteen game losing streak any moment now."
  12. These ghost fans have quite a lot of energy.
  13. Gone off the bat, you didn't even need to see it to know.
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