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  1. Hunter is the worst broadcaster in all of sports. He is the absolute worst! And Bordick is not far behind him. Dont get me started on how many times he says absolutely and the "Crusher."
  2. This times a thousand! This is the forward type thinking that we refused to do last winter when Bud Norris was at his high selling point.
  3. And Harbs would rightly deserve it. Bisciotti wanted changes & instead he doubles down on more of the same from one of the NFL's worst offenses!
  4. Norv Turner. Would love for them to look at Joe Lombardi, QB coach of the Saints but unfortunately he has no ties to Harbs and therefore wont be considered. I'm afraid its gonna be Hostler or Castillo. If so Bisciotti is letting Harbs hang himself with his stubbornness to only hire friends...
  5. I understand your point fully, Tony, especially the salary cap implications of Joe's contract. Flacco, like Brady and Manning, needs some kind of running game to be effective. Unfortunately, Harbs ego and loyalty have ruined an offensive line that was dominant last post season. You would think that Harbs would learn his lesson after the Cam fiasco. But no, again he has to hire a buddy (Castillo) to screw up the offense! How long until Bisciotti steps in again this year?? And your point about Flacco not elevating others game. Again, come on man! It was Flacco who pushed for Marlon Brown to get reps in the preseason to see what the kid has. And the guy has stepped up big time for being an undrafted rookie coming back from an ACL tear in November. I'm not sure what Flacco is suppose to do with Dallas Clark and Ed Dickson. Maybe you can give us all an idea on how Flacco can elevate their games?
  6. Uh what?? The guy has one bad game and you are ready to draft his replacement. Come on Man!!!!
  7. patience, grasshopper! Championships aren't won in March!
  8. If Jim wants to talk about no calls what about the obvious personal foul of hitting Flacco when he was out of bounds on our last drive. That would've given us a great chance to score 7 there instead of 3. What a bunch of whiners!!!! World Champions!!!!!!
  9. And yet Cam Cameron is still the OC? Does anyone in the Ravens organization realize how poorly he is unable to use his personnel to their strengths? Or does he get a pass because everyone is so happy about the making the playoffs the last 4 years?
  10. Can anybody tell me why we dont see Torry running more slants and screens to use his speed? Why the hell does every pass to him have to be a long ball? So tired of Cam's offense! Also, when its 3rd and 2 with 2 minutes to go why are we in the shotgun with Leach on the sidelines? We have the best fullback in the game. Run behind him and Yanda to get 2 fricking yards. If we aren't going to use him in these situations, then why is he even on the team? It's these little things that absolutely drive me nuts with Cam's offense. Other than that great victory!
  11. This is why we've become the Baltimore Eagles. The mentality of this organization has become, "Just be thankful and happy to be in the playoffs." The goal is to win it all!!!
  12. A new deal didnt stop Billick from being fired. The biggest problem is that Harbs refuses to hold any coaches accountable and Bisciotti just lets it fly.....
  13. This is the biggest issue with this organization right now. From top to bottom, we refuse to hold coaches accountable. Harbs is constantly blabbing that the best player will always play based on performance but yet he cant hold the same standard up for his coaches because they are his friends. It's unacceptable! As Harbs boss, Ozzie should be able to see this and bring this to his attention. But since Harbs has gotten us to the playoffs every year he's been here, his flaws are overlooked by the organization. Also, Bisciotti stated that the reason Cam kept his job is because the offense has improved since he took over as the owner. If that's the standard he's using, then we are going to be stuck with Cam for a long time. In his time as owner, we have seen the following QB's: Boller, Anthony Wright, Troy Smith and Flacco. I just dont see this organization waking up to the one thing that is holding us back from winning the Super Bowl....COACHING
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