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  1. Let's go win this one, now!!! Go O's!!!
  2. Gary Thorne: "And Castro remains on"...
  3. I know I could find this somewhere, but does anyone know off hand where we stand in the majors in terms of runs allowed in the first inning this season?
  4. Jackson clearly not up to the task--which makes his error all the more frustrating. Make that baby throw to 1st and you're out of the inning unharmed. A great pitcher can overcome that, not a mediocre one.
  5. Lots we don't know about Buck refusing to PH for Hardy. Obviously he has all the stats, so there has to be a reason beyond what we see for him to not do what we THINK is the obvious.
  6. I'm not laughing. I feel a bit sad actually. Fair weather fans...
  7. Deflating. Bases loaded no out and not ONE good swing--that last one by Manny was a half-hearted effort.
  8. We were up 5-0 when my family sat down for dinner and I told my son to not get excited because it could be tied by their bed time--and sure enough, it is...
  9. Except you would need a best of 20+ games series in the World Series so it's not a crapshoot. I'd go even further than you. No more AL and NL, just one league of 30 teams. Determine a fixed number of equal home and away games between all the teams and take it until the end. Most years, the title would be decided with a few games in hand, but sometimes it would go down to the wire and that would really be something.
  10. Or any European soccer league. You play every single team in the league home and away and the team with the best record at the end of the season wins. Pure and fair. Real competition. US TV channels would hate it, and yet it WORKS!
  11. No worries. That was funny. I really thought you had the radar up and could tell how long it was going to take for the system to go though. I'll still take sleep and horse racing over late night baseball. I'll give it another 15.
  12. Thanks. Will probably be off to bed before it ends. Want to enjoy a full Preakness day tomorrow. Any horse racing fan out there?
  13. Any sense of how long the delay could be?
  14. Plenty of hittable pitches and a 1 2 3 inning. Missed chances.
  15. Dying sport, really? What is your evidence?
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