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  1. There's a difference between "projected" and "potential." There are a fair number of guys with All-Star potential, but only a select few come out of the minors with those kinds of projections already on them (like Rutschman).
  2. There is a 65 FV column in the rankings chart that the OP linked to.
  3. I'll take that version, if I see some "zap" and "pow" from the fastball. 😊
  4. I think we need a bat signal for Matt Harvey, too.
  5. Nah, they would suck. Literally.
  6. Maybe they can switch roles? I'm willing to take a chance on the regular Oriole bird being better at the plate.
  7. Maybe in an Altherrnate reality.
  8. The point is... why would you prefer an unknown (Fujikawa) to a known, MLB proven and elite commodity (Uehara)?
  9. I don't know. I think it's typical GM-speak. He's interested, but won't necessarily reveal to what extent. The article cites them as one of three teams expressing interest to Uehara's agent. If I remember correctly, he let on that he wanted to come back to the Orioles before the start of this past season. He also apparently has a home in the area. Between his affinity for the team, the area, and perhaps the chance to have someone like Wada as a teammate, there could be some room for compromise on his end.
  10. This is an article from a few days back, at the GM Meetings, but it also indicates that the Brewers have interest as well. Below are the snippets pertaining to Uehara specifically and the clubs involved, which I've translated from Japanese. Source article: Yomiuri Online
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