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  1. Draft picks shouldn't cost anywhere near 5m. Really only the top 3 picks will have a high enough cap number to affect the top 51 and they should cost us less than 2m in cap space. If we'd stop screwing around and cut Leach/McClain we'd be about 13m under the cap which is plenty of space to make moves. (Probably not a big move, that's not our style)
  2. He's been pretty useless for the Texans even with AJ and Foster drawing all the attention...I'll pass
  3. Schefter said we're 5.5m over BEFORE Flacco and 20m over AFTER Flacco which just isn't true.
  4. Currently at 109.3m Release/Retire: Ray Lewis(4.35), Matt Birk(2.05), Bobbie Williams(1.2), Vonta Leach(3.0), Jameel McClain(1.8) = +12.4m Restructure Suggs(2.73) and Yanda(2.52) = +5.25m Tender RFA's: Pitta(2nd/2.023m) Art Jones(2nd/2.023m) Dickson(Orig/1.323m) Harewood(Non/630k) David Reed(Non/630k) Morgan Cox(Non/630k) Emmanuel Cook(Non/630k) = -7.89m Tender ERFA's: McClellan 555k, Allen 555k, Berry 480k, Hall 480k, Bynes 480k, Rainey 480k, Levine 480k = -3.51m After all that we're sitting at 103.05m Get Flacco under contract with a cap number of 10m or less for 2013, extend both Boldin and Jones contracts to lower their cap numbers and we could easily have 10m+ to negotiate with Kruger/Reed/Ellerbe BACK TO BACK!
  5. Don't listen to Schefter, he's completely wrong! bmoreravor has us 12.3m under the cap atm and that is still including Ray. http://russellstreetreport.com/salary-cap/2013-ravens-salary-cap/
  6. By who? Considering 3 of those guys didn't go until the mid/late 4th I really don't see how they're so much better than Pierce.
  7. Pierce was easily the best player left on the board and filled a need, that's why we picked him. I really don't understand what all the fuss is about.
  8. Yes, Bork is a free agent. Carr signed a 4 year deal following the lockout. We would only save 600k by cutting him Pre june-1 so that's unlikely, but a Post June-1 release would save us 2.5m against the cap.
  9. 1- New England 2- Pittsburgh 3- Indianapolis 4- San Diego 5- Baltimore 6- New York Wildcard Ravens over Chargers Colts over Jets Divisional Ravens over Patriots Colts over Steelers AFC Championship Ravens over Colts 1- GreenBay 2- New Orleans 3- Philadelphia 4- St. Louis 5- Atlanta 6- Dallas Wildcard Eagles over Cowboys Falcons over Rams Divisional Packers over Falcons Saints over Eagles NFC Championship Saints over Packers SuperBowl Ravens over Saints :2yay-thumb:
  10. Ozzie has failed if Mason is starting opposite Boldin on Sept 11.
  11. Nice pickup as long as they don't plan on starting him. He's worse than Landry in coverage.
  12. More like mediocrity blanket. Glad he won't be coming back to the Ravens and I wish him the best with his new team; except for when he plays us.
  13. He's really not a great fit for us unless he can transition to OLB. Osi would get bullied as a 5 tech and Ray would get bullied in a 4-3.
  14. Ronnie Brown isn't an injury waiting to happen?
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