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  1. Have to say, these last few years with crappy O’s teams I’ve been much more interested and invested in the post season. After suffering through some awful games it’s fun to watch competent teams. And after finally having experienced that atmosphere in 2012 and 2014 I can live vicariously through the fan bases and be all the more desperate to be the there again.
  2. I have been listening and not watching recently: has there been any drop off in his defense more recently? Early in the year it seemed he got to everything, flying all over the place. I wouldn’t blame the guy if he took it easy here and there towards the end of a lost season.
  3. I know it’s just Low A but there were a lot of bad swings on those pitches. Sharp movement and hard to read pitches. Exciting to see.
  4. Based on the grades he gave Tork/Witt I’m surprised they weren’t flipped. Surprised Tork is above AR as well but I guess he doesn’t value the positional value and leadership as much.
  5. I’m personally incensed that someone would dare write and article and not cover every single nuance and make it seem as if this plan isn’t foolproof.
  6. 100%. Historic bad with better options that might as well be getting some experience and not hurting their own future.
  7. He should be embarrassed but not because of trades he has made. He can make those trades and still put up a major league team, albeit a bad one
  8. I’ve mentioned it a number of times, but as frustrated as I am by the losing and lack of interesting pieces on the major league team, I’m more frustrated by the fact that the organization doesn’t seem to care about the fan experience. The team has made coming to games less attractive than ever with prices, quality of product (off the field) and (in)convenience. Interested to read the results of the Baltimore Sun expo into the fan experience that they have been fishing for on social media, I imagine I’m not alone on this.
  9. I am guessing live games is pretty unlikely and baseball activities will just be drills? Would be great for him, mentally if nothing else, to be out there in a few games towards the end.
  10. survivedc

    Stiven Acevedo

    That’s a big kid.
  11. I don’t remember anyone pining for Detmers but I could be wrong. 7 teams passed on him after the O’s.
  12. When the season began I had hoped that there would be some fun reinforcements towards the end of the season. I thought Kremer would be putting it together and Bauman or another young SP would come up and excite. I was hoping for an infield prospect to impress and be called up and keep it going (Bannon, Jones, Vavra…). None of those guys are really knocking down the door and I’m not sure ME would call them up anyway. 10 wins for the rest of the year. Hopefully one of those guys proves me wrong.
  13. Hardly watching at all. I may still listen a bit. Mostly checking game day and watching highlights after. Still watching other MLB teams on about a daily basis though.
  14. Kjerstad is down there? Not seeing anything about that or Hall playing.
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