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  1. Reliably insightful, stats-driven commentary with fun 8-bit graphics. (I’m sticking with fun, people, whether the topic is painful or not.) My favorite YouTube baseball content creator.
  2. The way he’s been going, I wouldn’t bet against him finishing over .900.
  3. Don’t look now, but Gunnar’s having himself a night. 3-for-3 so far with two dingers (at least the first of which was to the opposite field) and three batted in.
  4. Matt Riley, I guess. It’s been a long time, so I had to refresh my memory. Looks as though he was dominant at Frederick as a nineteen-year-old, made the jump to Bowie and more than held his own for about 125 innings, skipped Rochester (pretty sure AAA was still Rochester then), and got rocked in a handful of starts with Baltimore. Didn’t make it back up to Baltimore until 2003, when he was good in two starts, then got rocked in limited action in 2004 with us and 2005 with Texas. Can’t recall whether there might have been an injury or what. I do recall being really excited about a nineteen
  5. Perhaps lost in the Rodriguez–Rutschman battery buzz is that Diaz is DHing and batting second for Bowie tonight.
  6. I’m looking forward to seeing Hays can do over the next seven or eight games until his next IL stint.
  7. Do you think? He’s listed at 6’ 1”/170, which is a pretty slender, athletic frame for short. I haven’t seen any film of him this year, though, and I don’t know if he’s grown since he was drafted. He’s been playing a fair amount of second base so far.
  8. Babkins

    Joey Ortiz 2021

    Ortiz was a standout in the game I saw in Hartford this past Sunday. Looked solid at the plate and in the field; homered, doubled, and started a slick 6–4–3 double play (nicely turned by Vavra). I think he’s hype-train worthy.
  9. Weams, we've never met in person, and that might be part of what has kept me out of this thread and the one Roy started—some sense, justified or not, that I don't really have any business here among the folks you count as friends, or that well-wishes from a lurker and rando might not be of any comfort or value to you in a trying time. But those are my hang-ups. Seeing your recent posts has been heartening to me, and I just wanted to tell you that I have thought of you—and your warmth, wisdom, and wit, so abundant in your myriad contributions to the board over the years—every time I've visited
  10. And if he loses a step, we can always go with Mr. Mojo Rizer.
  11. Wow. That reminds me of the Gary Matthews, Jr. catch, the way he sort of twists for it. Impressive.
  12. I didn’t get a great sense of Rizer’s defense in center when I saw him on Sunday. I can only recall one chance, a bases-loaded single that he charged but bobbled. He wasn’t given an error, but two runs scored and the batter was able to take second base.
  13. As has been noted here and there, this dude just mashes. He was 4-for-5 with three doubles and three driven in tonight against Binghamton, bringing his line at Bowie to .485/.485/.727 (you don't need to walk when you hit .485) through his first seven games at the level. I got to see him in Hartford on Sunday; I'm no scout, but I thought his swing looked great—sturdy base, quick through the zone, generated a ton of power. His home run, to left-center, was utterly annihilated. Curious to hear some opinions on what the ceiling for a guy like this might be, and what his path to the big club m
  14. I was at the game. My seats were along the third-base line, a little behind the bag and four rows behind the dugout. I didn’t have a good angle on his movement, but he was sitting 94 with his fastball and ran it up to 96 on occasion. Mixed in a couple of curves and off-speed pitches. Hartford was squaring him up pretty well, and he did seem to struggle with command, walking two in his final frame. Had a nice second inning, but he labored otherwise.
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