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  1. I don't see him getting picked. Do we have the space on the 40 man for him?
  2. Very true. Our 2 was a 5 this year, so maybe this year our 5 could be a 2 if someone falls.
  3. Subtract his last start vs Boston and he had a 1.69 ERA with an 11.25 K/9 in 16 innings. SSS. His FIP was 2.76 even with the bad start. He's been high K's in the minors with a walk rate around 3 per 9. I think he can be better than a 4-5 starter. I think he can reach middle of rotation ceiling.
  4. Westburg is such a wildcard. I wasn't impressed with what I saw in the films on him. Yet, he's a very good athlete with a good frame who is toolsy. If he has a growth mindset and is willing to make adjustments, he can churn that raw power into mlb productivity. I just don't know if he ends up hitting on the big club. Might be a AAAA type one day, but I hope he blossoms. If he's 8, I feel pretty good about a system that still has Diaz, Harvey, Lowther, Akin, Kremer, McKenna, Hall, Stowers, Bradish, Rom, etc who could have all made sense in the 8 spot.
  5. I don't see the O's making a significant FA acquisition until at least 2023.
  6. There is another post talking about making Santander expendable. I agree, and this is a big reason I went A. We are pretty fortunate to have essentially 6 MLB ready OF'ers in Santander, Hayes, Mountcastle, Mullins, Stewart, and Diaz. All 6 are also young and talanted enough to have more "ceiling." Perhaps they all don't make it, but so far they have all shown enough to be excited about their return in 2021. Santander could be an All Star, Hayes shows the potential to hit .300 with 20+ dingers, Mullins could steal 25+ bases and OPS over .700 with solid D, Stewart has shown excellent OBP potential and pop but seems to be playing "not to fail" at times and if he could get over that, he could be an .800 OPS contributor, and Diaz is the next big prospect up. All 6 are still unproven and could fizzle out before we return to the playoffs, but I like our odds. I think the milb depth is quality too with the last couple drafts having some focus on creating OF depth. Don't sleep on McKenna either. He was always young for Bowie and he has struggled with AA, but he did quietly keep flashing some OBP skills during that time period. If he could find that .377 stroke he had at Frederick a few years back and couple that with the same OBP rates, he could be a solid top of the line up guy with the potential to steal 20+ bags (not that I expect him to hit .377). He did kill it in the AZ Fall League too. Any reports on him out of the Bowie Camp?
  7. I still say A. I do see Hall and Rodriguez as potential TOR guys. Remember, Hall and Rodriguez were both 3 years younger than the average age at Frederick and Delmarva. Combine that with what I believe the O's new pitching philosophy and development is now, and I believe we have something special in these two. Its just going take another 4 or 5 years for them to truly "arrive." The depth is nuts. I am really interested to see which starters are transitioned into relievers and how effective they will be in those roles. Someone said earlier that pitching should have been an overall grade encompassing relief and starters. In hindsight, I agree.
  8. I considered him for both. He had influence on the OF and 1B grade, but overall, I considered him more for the Corner Infield grade.
  9. Agreed, but if they play next season, I bet you he gets a cup of coffee if he can OPS over .700 at AA/AAA. That's why he is a player of note, to essentially say "this is Ripken's kid, lets put a watch out for a PR stunt in 2021 or 2022."
  10. Easy on the big guy. He has played every season at a younger age than his leagues average. He has ++ power and he will be 23 at Frederick this season. Analytics and new baseball philosophy may help his game too. Can't sell just yet.
  11. What he said. Looking at where we were, and now, where we are going, these grades reflect the plan, talent, depth, and philosophy. The overall talent at the MLB level is not an A when compared to all 30 teams, but the grades reflect the O's efforts, plan, and talent throughout the entire system judged only against themselves and what the front office has be able to do within their capabilities, limitations and resources.
  12. Outfield Current Roster: Thanks to the Duquette front office, the OF options on the parent club are abundant with Anthony Santander, Austin Hayes, Ryan Mountcastle, DJ Stewart, and Cedrick Mullins providing quality innings. Stewart and Mullins have the most work to do to ensure they have a spot through next season, but any one of these 5 could potentially be on the next playoff team. Future Outlook: A starting OF of Mountcastle, Hayes, Santander is probably how 2021 starts if everyone is healthy, but Yusniel Diaz and Ryan McKenna may start pushing for MLB time early next season. Heston Kjerstad will be a factor in a couple seasons. Zach Watson, Kyle Stowers, and Hudson Haskin are three more high draft picks that have the potential to develop into quality MLB regulars as well. The depth here is great as there are a lot of quality, toolsy options that could develop from our minor league crop. Players of Note: Dwight Smith Jr, TJ Nichting, Robert Nuestrom, Jaylen Ferguson, Zach Jarrett, Johnny Rizer, Lamar Sparks, Shayne Fontana, Mason Janvrin, Davis Tavarez, Christopher Cespedes System Grade: A Top to bottom, the system is teeming with OF talent. Not all of these guys will stick, but I believe Elias has enough potential OF talent and depth in the system that he could use the surplus in trades for quality MLB ready talent right around the time we are stepping into contention. Elias’ goal is probably to construct the rest of the system to resemble the OF and Pitching pipeline; the talent just keeps on flowing.
  13. Middle Infield Current Roster: Jose Iglesias was a stellar pick up and they will most likely pick up his option for 2021 to retain stability in the middle infield. Hanser Alberto and Pat Valaika have provided quality innings at 2B and will most likely be back in 2021. If not, and they want to save money, Ramon Urias peaked our interest towards the end of the season and might get a shot. Perhaps Andrew Velazquez is in the mix again next year. Richie Martin will be healthy next season, but may start in AAA in order to get a full year of development in. It’s not overly impressive, but its depth while we wait for the system to catch up. Future Outlook: Elias did a solid job of improving the middle infield depth in the minors the past two seasons. Trading for Terrin Vavra helps. Drafting Jordan Westburg, Joey Ortiz, Dariel Hernaiz, and Anthony Servedio helps. 2021 will be an important year in evaluating what we have in Adam Hall, Cadyn Grenier, and Mason McCoy. Ryan Bannon could be an option at 2B. The system looks a lot better in the middle infield than when Elias first took over the team, but at the moment there isn’t a slam dunk prospect in the pipeline. Perhaps SS could be a focus in the upcoming draft. With an International pipeline now, our middle infield options should get deeper over time. Players of Note: Jose Rondon, Richard Urena, Jean Carmona, Jesmuel Valentin System Grade: C+ It’s not nearly as scary as it was when the new front office first took over, but it still needs work. Adding a real international pipeline is the dark horse here, and it will take years to see a return, but the important part is that it is happening. Thanks to a couple Duquette hold overs and Elias’ draft efforts, the O’s have solid depth but lack a cream of the crop prospect, and perhaps one can develop out of a Hernaiz or Hall, but Elias will probably find a way to address this through the draft or a trade (it might take until the trade deadline next July for something to materialize). If Iglesias isn’t resigned, it could get hairy at the parent club, and I believe Elias sees the value in bringing Iglesias back to play SS for one more year, or at least for four more months. A plan is in place here, but we will need to be patient and it will perhaps be the last part of the Rebuild to arrive.
  14. ScGO's

    FA 3B . Hmmm

    I think they will go with Ruiz at 3B and Alberto at 2B with Valaika supporting both positions. The only FA on the list that was intriguing was Marwin Gonzalez, but only if he is had for very little like 1Year 1Mil. He would be someone to move between 3rd and 2nd and he could make either Ruiz or Valaika expendable. They are probably picking up Iglesias contract, so they probably don't want to raise the pay roll with another FA sign. It will be interesting to see how the Orioles handle the arbitration process if they are truly penny pinching.
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