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  1. Yeah. A one game sample size is nothing. But if he continue to make plays and get those DPs, then we may be on to something.
  2. I'm late to this, but I'd put in a vote for 56-60. But better days are ahead.
  3. Also lovely to see that Dish cut bait with MASN. Oh well, with them ditching the Hurricanes too, might as well switch.
  4. I know he's more of a "retread", but he's still relatively young... what about Mike Matheny? He just turned 48 today (9/22) and has almost 600 wins to his name.
  5. Of course it turns out that in the year where we may have the #1 pick (and almost definitely a top 2 pick at this point) that there is very little top end talent in the draft. Then again, that draft is still almost a year away. And frankly, we'll probably be picking really high again in the 2020 draft.
  6. Agreed... in a shocking turn of events, we actually seem intent on rebuilding. On top of that, we're making good moves with that intent to rebuild. It's almost like our front office knows what it's doing and is being allowed to do those things.
  7. Yup... he was WAYYY ahead of that pitch.
  8. Wow... I have a faster fastball than a guy who has pitched in a Major League game!! YEAH!!!
  9. Will the lucky fan in Section 108, Row G, Seat 6 please report to the Tampa Bay dugout for a special fan promotion?
  10. No problem... now that we are about to hit the magical 30 win milestone, this thread is about over anyways.
  11. Seriously... If I'm a fan sitting in Pickles and watching the game, I'm afraid too.
  12. Yep.... and this guy is throwing pitches closer to Pickles than to home plate.
  13. Is July 27 the night? AJ with the homer and it's 8-3!!
  14. This is the way I see it. Right now, a couple of high ceiling guys aren't going to take us over the top by themselves. We need to bring in guys who have major league potential. There a real chance that we have brought in 4 or 5 guys who significantly contribute to this team in the future. While we're lacking star power too, we REALLY need to find a quantity of guys who are legitimate big leaguers. A team of a couple super stars, a couple solid players, and 2/3 filled with AAAA talent (or less) is a team that loses significantly more games than it wins. Not to mention, we're going to have high
  15. Except the strategy right now isn't to find the magic trade that by itself makes us a winning organization. The strategy right now is to bring in as many legitimate future big leagues players as we can. We don't need to find the next face of the Orioles right now. We need to find more legitimate guys who can be legitimate contributors. You can't win with a team that has 2 or 3 superstars and 3-5 solid players. You need to have depth... and we're picking up quantity to build that future depth. Not every player we pick up is going to work out and contribute for the Orioles. But of the 8 guys we
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