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  1. I thought we were going to be really lucky if he lasted three innings last night, but he hung in there and was able to keep the game within reach. That seemed like a professional pitching job there, kept battling even though he was clearly struggling with command last night.
  2. Do we know if Hardy has an exemption for the Cortisone (steroid) injection he just had?
  3. If a player isn't being treated for a medical condition and is using a prescription medication on his own, then I have no problems suspending player. But I got to say, I have a BIG problem with MLB telling players they can not have their medical conditions managed under the care of their physician. Are diabetics not allowed to use insulin? Should players who suffer from depression be kept off their anti-depressant medications? Hypertensives are just supposed to give up their medications and risk stroke and the long term effects of vascular disease? MLB shouldn't be in any position to keep players from being able to manage their health under the care of a physician. Denying a human being medical treatment deemed necessary by their physician, seems like a pretty bad policy.
  4. Someone needs to let De Aza know we don't take the bat out of jones' hand by getting thrown out trying to steal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I can understand the value of acquiring Saunders....but I wish it had been for Gregg instead of Lindstrom. I would have thrown some cash toward the D-Backs to get that one done.
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