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  1. I'm really curious to see how the money breaks down. I like a lot of the picks -- just wish they would have gone with one or two higher upside guys following Cowser and Norby. The lack of early pitching was definitely a concern.
  2. We obviously only know what they tell us / what's reported, but I would be absolutely shocked if Elias and team didn't do every ounce of due diligence possible on that number 2 pick. That doesn't mean it was the right / wrong pick, but nothing about their approach to this rebuild shows us that they'd make a move like that impulsively.
  3. Damn near perfection. Hell of a game by Means. He's been a bonified ace so far.
  4. This is an absurd take. He hasn't even played for us yet.
  5. It's way too early and I know the top 3 pitchers and Lawlar seem like the premium picks, but I'd be shocked if at least 1 college bat doesn't emerge. Have to imagine Elias and co would love to have their pick of any college bat in the country at #5.
  6. I'm sorry to hear this. My condolences on your cat (our family has one that's 12 who looks similar) and best of luck with to your mom with surgery. Hope they get some wins for you in the coming days to help take your mind off things.
  7. If she doesn't already - I'd assume she would by the time Cruz is eligible. Not that it should matter, he's not even close imo.
  8. Certainly interesting that they seem to really buy into their projections for '20. This year is obviously an anomaly and given how much tends to change regarding prospect rankings between one year and the next it's impossible to say what they "should" have valued more. I'm fairly confident that if the full season played out the top 10 rankings from BA and other sources would have differed a good bit from where they ended up. It's possible Kjerstad would have still be ranked around 8-10th, but he could also have made a Bleday-like jump. Not saying he's the most likely candidate to improve
  9. It might not be "impressive", but it is noteworthy given the amount of doom and gloom permeating around here during the draft. We certainly should be towards the top given where we started.
  10. Love seeing that he's planning to sign. I wonder how many prep arms we had "agreements" with heading in.
  11. I was getting very concerned, but if they're able to pry the last two picks away from their commits it starts to make more sense. At least there seems to be more upside now.
  12. Not everyone expects Gunnar to stick at SS. There's also no rule that you can only have 1 SS prospect in the minors. If they can stick at that position -- they can likely play anywhere.
  13. I love Buck, but it's a terrible look for him that this was allowed to go under his watch.
  14. I would bet every dollar I have that Kjerstad was closer to 2 on the Orioles board than 15th.
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