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  1. That isn't what it sounds like. From what Elias said it is easy to put guys on 60 man roster but hard to take them off. So I suspect if he isn't on it by now he won't be on it. As he would be a guy who would not be removed.
  2. Seems like the guys sitting out have all mad tons of money already. But anyone can sit out this year or any other year if they want to. Not a big deal to me,
  3. That is a triple A roster. Well worse because it sounds like Mountcastle won't be added to the 60 man roster. Elias saying it is easy to add to the 60 man roster but hard to take off so they probably won't be adding too many players at this point. Luckily there is no all-star game this year because if Means struggled not a whole lot of all-star material on the team.
  4. Hey, where are you getting your numbers on American agent orange deaths in Vietnam?  2.7 million American's served there so 1,000,000 seems awfully hight.  I have a keen interest in the topic since my brother and father were both there.  

  5. Really I think you should be banned for this.
  6. This is a lie. It is estimate that over a million American Soldiers died from Agent exposure related cancers in Vietnam. My dad served two tours over there and had multiple cancers from Agent Orange exposure and died from it. His military pension was tax free because of his cancers. A few years before he died he had my sister search for his former Army buddies from his two tours in Vietnam. And they all had died except one. This is guys dying in their 50's and 60's from cancer. The soldiers who died in Vietnam were mostly 18 to 21 age range. Plus all the guys who lost limbs or otherwise permanently disabled. The median age people dying from covid is 80 years old. They had full lives and were in very poor health. Please stop minimizing the deaths of our service men with this stuff. I read this everywhere and it makes me very angry. Most of the people dying from covid are very old and very sick. I find great offense to posts like these. Really you should think before you post. I am guessing you never served of had family members who served.
  7. I just looked at IMHE models and neither Texas or Arizona are anywhere close to hospitals being overrun now or in the future. Even the stats you provide Houston is only using a small amount of their ventilators. ISo I would agree with Tony on this one. There are 1300 ventilators not in use in Houston and 299 covid patients on ventilators. In fact there are 479 people on ventilators in Houston unrelated to covid. There are the same total ICU beds occupied as there was a month ago. If you doubled the number of ICU covid patients in Houston you would still have free ICU beds.There are 23886 total hospital beds in Houston with 1637 covid patients. There are well over 12000 empty hospital beds in Houston. I think this some people want to distort stats and actually hope for things to be worse in certain states.
  8. Most people don't even have symptoms. But I thought we were supposed to move this discussion to the covid thread?
  9. I don't know I like the rule. I don't see the point of 18 inning games. Destroys your pitching staff and people get bored. I would add in a tie after 10 innings.
  10. If you are a smoker that is so much more likely to kill you than covid.
  11. I was going to fly this week but cancelled at the last minute. I was going to go to Texas and it seemed to really take off there. So I didn't want to be the super spreader who brought it back to Maryland. I wasn't worried so much about the airplane as I could wear an N95 mask for a few hours. But if the whole state is infected seemed like a selfish move on my part.
  12. Here is a surefire way to get through the season. Don't do any testing if someone feels sick tell them to stay away for a week. If they test and players are traveling all over the country they are going to have widespread issues of guys getting infected. However most of the guys won't show any symptoms as they are young and healthy. If you test for it you are going to find it. Do you think guys are going to stay in their hotel rooms on the road when there are bars open? I highly doubt it.
  13. Funny, I read the exact opposite that a commercial airplane circulates and filters the air every two minutes and that an airplane is pretty safe place to be. But that going through the airport is where you have to worry.
  14. I would feel 100 times safer holding a runner on first base than working at Walmart. First off the runner will be tested before stepping on the field and second it is outside. Third runner won’t be talking to you. And fifth there won’t be a thousand different runners each day. Come on this is common sense.
  15. No other team sports have started yet. NWSL is to start on Saturday but one team has withdrawn because their team is infected with covid. Better to start later and not have to shutdown.
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