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  1. Glad to see him doing well. As I said, Dwight Smith & Pedro were much more valuable pieces however. I think Goodwin had a walk off the other day.
  2. What about the 2020 draft? At least overall. How does it compare with what is in 2019? Better, worse? More pitching?
  3. I saw the Mariners we’re losing 14-1 and figured for sure Wright came in LOL
  4. Oh I know, you don’t have to tell me that. Elias is great but this will be a long long rebuild me thinks.
  5. Very few of our players have any value, so he will be gone sooner than later.
  6. Lots of rosters moves this AM! Sucre appreciation thread?
  7. The lack of quality trade chips in this org tells me this will be a very very long & painful rebuild.
  8. Of course we should. Our trade commodities are few (Cobb has sliced through the lowest of expectations)so any hope on getting one, you take it. People really think that pieces on this team will be part of some great dynasty? Please. This will be a very long rebuild.
  9. He’s been a real good bench player for them. That’s elite when you think about how few play in the NBA. Good for him. Scored 14 the other night I think.
  10. Pat Connaughton is going to the East championship at a minimum and they might beat the Raptors for the honor to lose to Golden State:) I remember reading so many personal attacks on the kid for not choosing baseball. Clearly with our history of developing prospects, he made the right decision. Good for him.
  11. Elias has done a great job in turning the ship around after an okay start. I honestly think this is definitely top 3 worst teams in baseball and I think there are strong odds we will be the worst again. Keep up the great work(sounds bad, but eye on the prize).
  12. I gotta think it will definitely be Adley Rutschman unless they feel the $$$ won’t work out. I was surprised to see very few pitchers projected in top ten.
  13. Our 40 man is loaded with 4A toys inside. Elias is trying to improve that IMO. Wilkerson was a move they made just because Mullins was struggling so mightily.
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