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  1. There was a wild pitch on a strikeout that allowed Haggerty to 1st
  2. First game I have watched since 2019 after all this Covid malarkey, way to go John Means, thank you MLB for making it the game of the day too or I would have missed it.
  3. Luckily I have missed all this malarkey as I live on the other side of the pond, but the only politic that really matters is money and more importantly TV money. Any threat to that and all this tacit, shallow backing of BLM will disappear in a plume of $100 dollar bills. Black lives have to matter but society has to change that, not billion dollar industries. The Premier League has allowed a knee before every match kicks off, it is already being mocked because most people are not inherently racist and it lost the meaning. People switching off their TVs would lead to a totally different attitud
  4. Keith Law thinks the Orioles are trying to get Nick Bitsko at 30
  5. Let's hope that the consensus No 1 pick isn't another catcher ...
  6. It was about the money, the Marlins are probably out on Gaston now, which means the Orioles are in ...
  7. So we had a deal with the Braves for Gausman that gave us a top 10 prospect from the Braves. Does anyone really think we turned that down to shed O'Day's salary. Makes no sense at all.
  8. I can't imagine if we were offered one of the top 10 pitching prospects then O'Day would have been thrown in
  9. My thoughts exactly, the AL was killing him, so great move for him and see if he can get to that next level. Maybe Gaus will always flatter to deceive
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