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  1. Not only is he bad at setting a target and receiving, his pitch sequencing inspires little confidence.
  2. Pitch count of 77. Can’t be too careful with these guys, like porcelain dolls. 🙄
  3. Garceau calling Scott’s slider a “slide piece”. Huh?
  4. Lakins was outer half the entire AB to Urshela, never changing the the eyeline to come inside. Part of it is Severino not being very good at sequencing and the other is the guys throwing the ball don’t have an idea.
  5. Is Kremer coming out after only 77 pitches?
  6. Maybe we should call him Business or Biz.
  7. I re-played it a few times and Ben even commented it looked like Severino was surprised. I agree with that because PS was moving to his right, the opposite direction the ball was moving. Maybe he thought a CH was coming, but he looked crossed up. Either way, it’s a ball he could have caught or at least stopped and didn’t.
  8. Spectacular! Watched from the 5th on. Worked both sides of the plate and mixed it up. Stuff like that is why I love watching baseball.
  9. And that makes sense. When they moved him to third I thought 2B would have been the better option because of his lack of arm strength, as you mentioned. I agree 1B is his spot defensively going forward.
  10. I saw them all as well. But you know, there’s one in your group who was not like the others.
  11. Bruce, we hardly knew ye. But I’m not sad.
  12. Granted, but Rylan Bannon may be and I don’t want Franco in his way.
  13. I like Armstrong’s stuff, but outside a few outings he hasn’t looked good. But I think they continue to run him out there in low leverage situations for now.
  14. Yeah, I always said he should have been tried at 2B. I’m sick to death of hearing, “Well, the Orioles must have had a good reason.” Because they had such a good record of developing players? Not having any, thanks. However, (and I cant believe I’m saying this) WC makes a good point about Mancini’s contract. And since as a hitter RM (his initials are R and M, not RMC 😂) is younger with a similar profile (good hitters who need better plate discipline) to Mancini I’ll take the guy who costs less and is under control. At this point 2B is not happening, but RM has soft hands and can play 1B. Mancini isn’t so good that considering RM there is inconceivable. And yes, Mancini is a good guy, but baseball is a business. I expect Elias to make a good baseball decision when the time comes.
  15. Actually, though the results haven’t shown it much, Lopez has much better stuff than does Zimmerman. He throws harder, has more movement and has a better repertoire. Zimmerman throws a FB that is flat, flat, flat. Won’t miss him.
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