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  1. I sure hope it is not the next contending team. They have great heart, are scrappy and seem to be giving their best, but those good qualities will only take a team,so far. Now if they had more talent, then those above mentioned good qualities can push such a team to the top. I suppose the ruling on this shortened year as to how to decide draft picks will be whatever is most advantageous to the Yankees. I would be very very surprised if it did not, somehow favor them.
  2. Bleier, while not a great major leaguer, IMO was very decent. When he came in for quite a period of time, did reasonably well. Also, he is a LHP which usually carries a premium. I hope we get a young prospect at any level in the organization.
  3. They are cutting the game to 7 innings because everyone knows that the virus only spreads during the 8th and 9th innings of a baseball game.
  4. Yes, he is for sure a not good catcher, but to come up with a roster with this small amount of talent is as if it was intentional. Really hard to do it by chance. Mercifully, it is a short season this year.
  5. This is funny. For years when people put down a player on this board, he comes up with an excellent performance that very night or the next day. Reverse psychology.
  6. Not being a local person over there, I am not sure, but from what I gather, Davis is still hitting from Center to Left Field much of the time So he has lost the reflexes to identify a pitch quickly enough to turn on it and hit it with power to Rightfield. He appears to not be striking out as much so far, so that is an improvement. I am rooting for him to end his career with reasonably good seasons, if not up to a par of his really good Power Seasons.
  7. And winning the Series at Fenway is no small feat for any team.
  8. Yahoo sports is not dancing. Usually when 2 teams are tied in the standings, they put it in alphabetical order. Well, Yahoo sports of course listed the Yankees above the Orioles.
  9. I hope the league is using the 10 Run Rule.
  10. This society has gone down the slippery slope so far that you cannot even believe a ST box score. That goes right along with not trusting the News, or Advertising, or Politics, or Businesses, or most anything. The point is not that this one is a trivial thing, but that it happened at all. Lying so permeates this society so much that you almost have to stop taking in data to your brain for fear that it is Spam. And never repeat it, or it is likely you have been made a liar. This has gotten to the point where it is no longer funny, if it ever was, because a society cannot function anywhere near efficiently with endless Spam. i
  11. Yes, as the years go by, the endurance, or lack thereof for MLB players would be funny if it were not so pitiful. Are there no Bob Gibsons left in MLB?
  12. Yes, Earl loved Eddie and if for no other reason than Earl loved 3 run HR, and Eddie loved hitting 3 run HR from either side of the plate. What glorious memories||||||||||||||||||.
  13. Sounds like BS to me. Get the shovel out time.
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