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  1. And i was right all al9ng
  2. In what world would "take the loss" be bannable??? Sorry but thats just rediculous.
  3. The really do some dumb things sometimes
  4. If he doesnt want to read comments that are posted on a forum that allows someone to share their opinion then yes he does have to. How is that so hard to understand. All i said was "take the loss" and somehow that is turned into something horrific. Big deal, get over it. It an internet forum.
  5. Block me. I dont know what else to say to you. Im allowed to post my thoughts even if they arent all rainbows and unicorns and even if they dont pass your approval. Sorry.
  6. Again, block me dude because i will continue to post my thoughts like everyone else in the game threads. The definition of the word forum is a place to speak your thoughts freely. Block me please.
  7. i guess you ignore my more recent posts. With 60,000 posts you should be aware of the fact that you can block people. i suggest you all block me because i will continue to reverse jinx this team and you cant ban someone for saying "take the loss".
  8. Im not getting paid 15 mil to play a childs game and not to have that attitude. Besides im the best reverse jinxer on this board. Trust me, you want me making these comments. Besides, theres a neat little feature called blocking someone.
  9. Thats a little more understandable than getting it in the finger because your hand was over tje middle of the plate. Otherwise anyone could just throw their hands out whemever they wanted and get a free base
  10. Just sit down boys. You got utterly dominated by Kluber. Take the loss.
  11. Idk how you overturn this. His hand wouldnt be there to get hit if he didnt put his hands there
  12. At the ver least his pitch count is in the 80s, so with a decent inning in the 7th we might have a shot at scoring off the bullpen, cuz we aint scoring off kluber.
  13. They have to be the worst team with bases loaded, theres no doubt. I cant even remember the last time they had a basehit with basesloaded
  14. Very nice play CD. Ok zach, get the lefty
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