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  1. My guess is they get pitchers there first then the position players come like normal type spring.
  2. Yeah they can still only have a set number there to start before they all get tested and then can have more at workouts.
  3. How much longer until we get a schedule. They said shorty over a week ago yet still nothing. I figured it would be early this week with holiday weekend if we don’t get it tomorrow I would think we don’t hear anything over the holiday weekend.
  4. It looks like most teams have released most their 60 man. I like our strategy leaving open so we can surprise everyone with guys from Middle East Russia and Europe we have hidden for our playoff run.
  5. They left open a bunch of spots though as that is only 45 by my count. I am guessing rest will be prospects or couple of claims.
  6. I am guessing we might start hearing the names that will be on the list starting tomorrow as they notify the players in the next 24 hours. I wonder if they will have a group announcement or if we slowly hear the names leaked over next couple days.
  7. I guess they know the number for kjerstad since they not leaving any ability to go to slot. I thought he was already done on draft night. Guess they waiting for the games to start to announce it at home in front of the empty seats.
  8. This says 40 man players do not need to be on 60 man list. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/06/explaining-the-2020-mlb-roster-rules.html
  9. I have Kjerstad at 4. 1. Adley 2. Hall reminds me of Cole Hamels 3. Rodriguez Jose Berios like 4. Kjerstad I think they see Kyle Tucker from Houston in him. Tons of power from left side to all fields. I will be watching Tucker a lot to see how he does with first real major league taste but minor league numbers in power are huge.
  10. Pretty intersting the sim games stopped at 60 games. So the question is 16-44 do we do better or worse then this record.
  11. Id put them out in Montana or Wyoming if it was me. Talk to college or university they can stay there in dorms or apartments and play games at a college field. They would be isolated have access to fields and can get some instruction. Many small colleges will be hurting so they would love the money.
  12. So based on the schedule should look like this 10 games against the AL east teams each. 6 games against the Nationals. 3 games verse the 4 NL east teams. So that gets us 58 games not sure what the other 2 would be.
  13. Another question not on roster space but deferred money. Does Davis get the entire amount or is deferred money also prorated. Same with Cobb I believe.
  14. One thing for sure they will be busy trying to come up with all these little rules. This is a season I would like to have Duquette running the team. He always found a loop here or there to configure the roster. I think there will be all sorts of loop holes teams will use that the league doesn’t think of to start season.
  15. I don’t think they would use service time unless they play games on the roster. I am also not sure if they would use an option if they are put on there if they need to move to 40 man with injury. I guess those details will come out soon which can help with the decision.
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