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  1. Rick Dempsey is wrong.. sometimes a double play happens after a walk
  2. This team is worse than last year's team by a healthy margin imo. Worst I've ever seen. Chris Davis playing any innings at all is proof positive that we're trying to lose.
  3. To me.. a "boom" would mean putting up lots of runs in a hurry. I honestly don't think the O's are capable of doing that... unless we face a pitcher who pulls an Ubaldo and absolutely craps himself on the mound.
  4. I keep seeing people say we have a "boom or bust" offense. I think that is a very generous description of the offense. I haven't seen them truly go "boom" once this season. The most runs they've scored in any game is 7.
  5. Scott cannot say the words "Rio Ruiz" to save his life.
  6. Ahh... Nothing like good old fashioned misogyny in the morning. Maybe they should just give her a tight-fitting dress so she can tell us interesting tidbits about different players childhoods two to three times a game from the sidelines. Women are good at delivering those stories because they're so emotional. When they begin thinking that they're fit to deliver play-by-play they just come off as bossy
  7. "you may not see a better play.." -Ben McDonald 😆😆
  8. Cashner was owed more than he was worth last year. He did nothing for Boston but make their playoff odds worse. You honestly might be the only person in the world who would categorize that trade as a "loss" or the Orioles. It honestly doesn't matter if the players acquired become big league talents. They got potential future value for what was a negative value contract in Cashner. The O's were lucky that he out-pitched his peripherals to the point that Boston was desperate enough to give him a try.
  9. This part alone tells me you either aren't assessing these transactions in good faith, or you simply didn't pay any attention at all to who Cashner is as a player.
  10. It took about a week for them to stop discovering new positive cases on the Marlins. It's not as simple as just sending in the replacements and hoping that no one else has it.
  11. Going to disagree on that if you're referring to strike 3... That's a pitcher's pitch if I've ever seen one. Best-case is you fight that pitch off.
  12. I don't think we have an "addition by subtraction" situation going on here, unfortunately. Other than Davis.
  13. Strike one was a decent pitch to hit. Strike 3 was... Not.
  14. Velazquez gives me serious Brandon Fahey vibes.
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