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  1. I get the feeling that very few MLB owners make freewheeling decisions without the approval of the herd, but this is one situation where one of them should really step up and announce they're covering their entire organization from top to bottom. If they did that, the others might hate them for it, but they would probably be forced into doing the same.
  2. That’s rough. Earning an average of $8,400 a year, not eligible for unemployment, and this $1 million that each team pledged (or were forced to pledge) to cover stadium workers, etc obviously doesn’t reach any of them. It seems like another million (if that) would probably cover the entire minor league players and MiLB stadium workers too, is that really so much to ask?
  3. All this reminds me of the mid ‘80s when David Letterman mentioned seeing a baseball game one night and referred to Terry Forster as “a fat tub of goo.” Forster later appeared on the show and also recorded this video as Terry Forster and the Lovehandles “Fat Is In”.
  4. Just since there’s some confusing info out there, a report from abroad. Here in Germany they closed all the schools countrywide as of Monday, along with clubs/venues, bars, sporting events, shopping malls, etc. until further notice. Restaurants don’t have to close but are pretty barren. Police are allowed to break up and send home any larger social groups they see for the sake of public safety. Many companies have told their staff to work from home until further notice. A lot of us think this could extend 4-8 weeks. Borders have been closed to several countries. The area I live in (Nordrhein-Westfalen) is one of the two worst regions in Germany for new cases but the mood is OK. Yes, toilet paper and canned goods are harder to find. Also cereal and oat milk were cleaned out tonight, I noticed. (But fret not; beer is still in abundant supply) Despite the precautions, yesterday was the worst yet for Germany (over 1,500 new cases) and they have not declared a national emergency but are nearly there. And yes, it’s really, really bad in Italy and Iran; Spain is struggling and France is also having a hard time and they’re not alone. I can only hope the preventative measures here have a positive effect within a few weeks.The overall mood is serious and a bit scared but not panicked. And I really, *really* can’t wait for baseball to come back. Let me just reiterate that. Be well, everyone.
  5. Now that we’re without baseball for a month or so, at least The Show 20 launches in a few days. The early access just began yesterday if you bought the Deluxe Edition. Any other fellow players? If so, my handle is: asocial_grace
  6. I’ve had almost none myself, but a buddy of mine who’s a luthier built an electric guitar for Mark Trumbo. He didn’t know who Trumbo was when the order came in, but then realized he was a pro baseball player. Trumbo loved the guitar and gave him a signed bat and photos when he picked it up and paid for it, without even being asked.
  7. If it’s circumcision-related, it could also be a Mohel removal.
  8. You’ve mentioned a couple times that you hoped Davis can play well enough this year to be moved. But I know and you know (and I know you know) there is absolutely no scenario in which that happens, given his past performance, current contract and this team’s inability/unwillingness to eat salary. Even if his OPS is .900 in July, nobody is buying high at $17M a year. Which leaves: (1) he plays well enough over the coming years to finish his deal; (2) he gets cut and the team eats the salary; or (3) he retires and forgoes the rest of his salary. That’s really it. I hope for #1, but the odds say that #2/3 are far more likely.
  9. I don't think you're in the minority, just the opposite. Who would root for Davis to fail? I think everyone would love to see him have a huge bounceback year (or years). I just feel more and more that it's unlikely to ever happen.
  10. I feel bad for Hunter as a person getting such a demotion, but as a viewer/listener I’m really glad they made this change. His enthusiasm was admirable but often ill-advised, like the little kid sitting next to you that freaks out over a late solo home run in a lopsided blowout loss. I swear you could almost hear Palmer rolling his eyes sometimes when they shared the booth.
  11. I’ll be curious to see how many relievers get “injured” before they face three batters once the matchups are no longer in their favor. I expect there might be a few more blisters or ankle sprains than normal.
  12. I suspect several times this season I’ll glance out at our bullpen and softly mutter, “Would it were O’Day.”
  13. In a recession, I suspect you would be quite surprised what would happen with crypto.
  14. Interestingly they’re all projecting Davis to have a higher OPS than he put up the last two years. It’s still terrible (about the same as Wilkerson) but odd to see any optimism there.
  15. That’s one of the best things we could ever hope to read. Our loss is the team’s gain!
  16. So sad to hear this. He was one of my musical heroes, not only as a phenomenal drummer, but also as a lyricist (“Limelight” is one of his best moments). I interviewed him once back in 1993 for their “Counterparts” record, for a regional called The Aquarian Weekly. Just a phone interview, but he was all class, no pretension. And he settled the pronunciation of his surname (peert).
  17. I won’t be the least bit surprised if we finish in the bottom five with this pitching staff and our Not Ready For Primetime offense.
  18. I just saw it this past weekend. It was... OK? The series definitely lost me emotionally a long while ago. I love the first two (parts 4 and 5), and am pretty iffy on the rest (Rogue One was decent), but have still seen them all. I’m pretty glad it’s over, honestly, it was overdue. I know there will be a million more spinoff films from Disney, most of which won’t interest me (unless they come out with a Sy Snootles backstory biopic, ha).
  19. Cespedes said he stepped into a hole on his 88-acre ranch in Florida, and claimed he wasn’t riding a horse when it happened (which must be prohibited). But if they knocked $10 mil off his salary, the team must have had evidence to the contrary.
  20. That's a great list, thank you very much for that information.
  21. To steer away from the uncivility, and because I'm genuinely curious, do you or any others here know what vegetarian options there are on offer, aside from the obvious ones like nachos, fries, etc.? I usually bring my own food, or wind up with the pizza (which is, without fail, consistently unimpressive). But there have been times when I would have loved to have a veggie burger or veggie dog option. Sometimes I can't bring my own food and just don't feel like spending two innings walking the stadium to try and scout for one.
  22. Jon Miller was (and is) one of my favorite announcers. His voice could melt butter and I love his delivery. Lowenstein was my favorite color announcer. I wish there were more of his games archived.
  23. I understand the complicated decisions you’re facing, Tony. And just to throw another two cents into the pot, this is the main site that I turn to for the only team I care about in the only sport I follow. So this message board is something I deeply appreciate. And obviously a lot of others do too. As others have said, if the money makes a difference, I’m willing to pay more. But I know it’s not just about the money. Either way, it’s important that you know how much gratitude many of us have for the OH, an oasis on the Internet where I don’t have to read through ignorant or outright hateful comments, where politics are put aside, and it’s just about our beloved Birds and not much else...as it should be. I have always disliked posthumous tributes... if you like someone, celebrate them while they’re here. So thank you, and I hope you find the energy and motivation to keep this site going for many more years.
  24. That would actually be an interesting addition: if the three batter rule was waived if your reliever gives up a homer to either of the first two batters.
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