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  1. Wasn’t @Luke-OHa big fan of VanMeter when he was eligible for the Rule V?
  2. Ravens winning, Steelers getting crushed and the O’s get the number 1 pick. Great sports day.
  3. I was hoping we could either beat the Blue Jays to end their season or get the #1. Neither scenario is looking good so far.
  4. No it isn’t. It’s absurd to suggest that Elias is planning on Willems being the future catcher. As I said in a previous post, the odds of him even taking a single MLB AB are small, much less being the heir apparent to Adley. Plenty of guys have signed for 1M+ and fizzled out in AA.
  5. What are the odds Creed Willems ever takes a single AB at the MLB level? 15%? Less? And this isn’t a shot at Creed, just the reality of professional baseball.
  6. If Elias is banking on the 18 year old with the .500 OPS in rookie ball to eventually replace Rutschman, this franchise is truly screwed.
  7. Hopefully the D Bags get a win over Atlanta tonight.
  8. Yeah let’s have 6 playoff teams so the Orioles can make it once every 25 years.
  9. I’ve been saying all year that he’s a non-prospect for me.
  10. D bags beat the Pirates so they don’t gain a game on us in the race for #1 overall.
  11. https://www.mlb.com/news/pipeline-farm-system-rankings MLB Pipeline now has us #1.
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