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  1. The posts from the save 5 or so folk are loud and announce their character quite clearly. Elias’ plan has been discussed before, their opinions to it have not changed. So what we have here are two hills to die on, one is mired in pessimism. Frankly, it’s just a choice. Being as none of us control the fate of the Orioles, you can either choose to see the plan and understand it or you can continue to fight the waves in disappointment. I see no difference between this and any problem that one may encounter. Also, invest in HMBL.
  2. And yet the majority of this community is exactly that, a constant stream of negative thoughts. It makes me wonder what their day to day life is like. Sad stuff overall.
  3. One thing we have in abundance that others do not is opportunity. We have the ability to give these players time to see if they can figure it out. In two years, the bulk of our top talent will be ready to join the club. This year and next will be dedicated to finding out which pieces fit into the mix of what we have already drafted. The rest will come through pulling out the checkbook to fill the spots we need to be a World Series winner. I’m glad you guys are waking up and getting comfortable with the realization that we are two years away. It takes patience but that patience is going to pay
  4. Maybe this means, Means may have been aided by using stuff now he won’t have access to, which means we would be trading him at his highest value.
  5. 2023 is looking like the year!
  6. Well Pop didn’t have much success with the Marlins, but you’re right. I just like the Giants and think they have the ability to see great value with players other teams seem to give up on. Time will tell of course.
  7. Yeah I don’t understand this move at all. All he needed to do was stay healthy. Granted he never was able to do so but this will likely prove to be a mistake. Damn.
  8. Adley gets it. One day, one of those kids will play on the Orioles with our future hall of famer.
  9. I think we see a big jump for pitching when Adley takes over. From pitch sequence, to keeping guys steady, to pitch framing, all will add up to a resurgence for a lot of our pitchers and a steady progression for others. I look at his effect on our pitching staff and the team in general to the same effect seen with Buster and Molina to their respective teams. As for the hitting, Mayo, Henderson, Westburg, Nevin, Neustrom, Hernandez, Stowers are coming and this team will see a huge leap forward to contending for the World Series faster than many believe possible. Two years gentleman. Two years.
  10. It goes back to the previous year. Whomever had the worst record gets the pick. In 2020, we had the same record so it goes back to 2019. We had a worse record then so we get the first pick. Hooray for sucking at baseball for so long!
  11. I’m still curious as to what caused the myocarditis. Seems like a very strange thing to happen. Granted I know nothing about it or if it just happens randomly. All the same I am so very happy for him and his family that they can move on from such an ordeal.
  12. Yes. It’s dependent on the player, the roster, and the talent in the minors to replace that player. Evaluations of a player’s arc of quality is also very important. For players evaluated to have greater windows of potential quality years and who play prime positions (like catcher) it should be imperative to sign pre-arb deals. Again, look at the giants. You lock in players that differentiate your team and build around them. Good players beget good players.
  13. I disagree. We will likely be a blend of Astros/Rays/Giants. You keep a guy like Adley who is a true differentiation to all other catchers. The Giants have done this with Buster. We should do the same.
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