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  1. Players often sign with the team that offers more money. but... A. a profoundly losing team is unlikely to be the team that offers that money. B. all things being equal (or even close) good players don't sign with horrible teams for a few dollars more than offered by winning teams. C. the better the player, the more likely A and B are to be true. The O's could use a starter and someone to plug into the left side of the infield. They don't have to be awesome... just a little positive WAR will go a long way if it displaces negative WAR. I think it's a little
  2. In order to sign a FA... they have to want to play for your team. Or have been continuing to dance when the music stopped... leaving them limited options. We will be lucky to sign a value middle-of-the-order guy.. or someone coming off an injury.. GR and Means make a good front end... and there are already some decent arms tetering between ML and AAA And maybe we get lucky and snag a 1.5 WAR guy for the left side of the infield. That... coupled with Rutschman... and maybe Stowers... and the healthy return of Urias and Mateo.. Continued development of Hays and Mountcastle.
  3. Stale french fries again? Where's the Filet Mignon? This guy obviously doesn't know how to pick through a McDonald's dumpster.
  4. The game has aligned itself to the expectation of distinct pitchers and position players for many decades... ...but in reality, athletic prowess could easily overcome this for any player with a decent arm. In general.... pitchers don't exclusively pitch because they are not able to do other things.... but because the game expects them to... so other skills atrophy. Imagine the power of a roster comprised of fully half of two-way players... It'd be like having a 40 man roster to play every day.
  5. Yeah, but it's Tampa Bay... what do they know about squeezing the most out of players...
  6. I've been doing that for the last 400 years... But I'm forced into being a bit of a night owl... plus I have to sleep in a box... and I have to drink a lot of ... well... let's just call them protein smoothies.
  7. You'll be able to dial up a series win every year on the Holodeck, long before then.
  8. The Eclair may be consumed, provided it is still on top. 1st Costanza, Chapter 6 Verse 4
  9. You seem to be missing the point. Or maybe I'm not making it very well. Decreasing the luxury tax from $210M to $180M only (or heavily disproportionately) impacts only superstar players by limiting the maximum they can be paid. There aren't many of those. The move is mostly symbolic While at the same creating a $100M minimum payroll for all teams vastly increases the money available to be paid to everyone else. The rank and file. This would positively impact many more (arguably the vast majority of ) players. So as proposed... MANY more players would benefit, than woul
  10. Yeah... almost certainly would be phased in instead of a hard cut-in... At first I thought this proposal was unlikely... but in the end I think it may be used as a Collective Bargaining ploy to avoid a work stoppage... lower the luxury tax threshold so that it hits more teams... create a significantly high minimum payroll.. luxury tax has a negative salary impact on superstars... (who are small in number)... minimum payroll has a positive salary impact on pretty much everyone else. Might split the player vote between the haves and have-nots.... but in the end it ma
  11. I'm betting the league institutes a payroll minmum (probably 80 million instead of the proposed 100 miliion), and the Orioles come in on the dot.
  12. Sorry. I work at the other gourmet chain grocer in Rochester.
  13. Because taking a 2022 flyer on a bat who has crushed every level of his development, and an unproven 3B.... might jeopardize our playoff chances?
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